The Power to Choose


I don’t care for labels because when someone places you into a certain niche it becomes difficult to challenge.

I saw this quote posted on FB and wanted to briefly share my views on abortion.

I am in agreement with Sister Chittister in that if you are pro-life it means you must  realize the repercussions that come with an unexpected pregnancy. This child born to either an unwed or married woman, means his or her life has to have some kind of accountability.  They will need to be fed, clothed,  and educated so that they ultimately become a productive member of society.

If you are against a welfare state, which also includes bringing in unwanted children and caring for them up to the age of 18, your belief in pro-life is a poor decision view  at best.  I think it’s quite hypocritical forcing a woman to have a child and if she is poor or  a teen, you wash your hands after the birth, expecting her to figure out a way to raise it.

I don’t want to get on my soapbox for too long on this subject because it’s quite personal to me. However, with that being said, I feel my blog can be a venue for alerting others regarding this type of political (for it is) and religious thought.

If you are a pro-lifer (which is of course, it’s your right to be,) then it stands to reason you want this child to be able to be afforded the opportunities to live a productive life with ample opportunities to succeed.

If you don’t, if you feel that the child should simply be born and take its chances with the parent(s), then I feel you’re nothing but a hypocrite who gives no real thought to your narrow-minded point of view.

There’s a distinct difference between pro-life and pro-birth.

I don’t feel children should be brought into this world if the parent(s) can’t take care of it.  I believe couples should wait until they are financially AND emotionally ready to bring forth such a gift as a child. For children are a gift.  They are living, breathing, and feeling human beings.  Unfortunately unexpected pregnancies do happen. My hope is that the couple involved take full responsibility over their decision to get pregnant (because it takes TWO to tang0), and come up with a viable solution.

What is passion (part 3)

What is passion? 

Is it the longing glance of a lover?  The unspoken emotions of youth? 

Is it a taste? Feel?  Scent?

What stirs the blood in a person? 

Gives you this sense of ethereal freedom, eternal strength coursing through your body…you feel it pulsating within you…an essence of unbridled joy-exuberance of spirit–elixir of life.

What is the beauty of a woman?

image0011.gifIs it the way her hair falls about her face, the sparkle in her eye?  The grace of her walk, the way she moves her hands?

Or is it her devotion to family, to herself and a cause?  Is the beauty of a woman found in the sound of her laughter, the glory within her heart?

Is her beauty found as she ages, in each wrinkle–a testament to life?  The way she holds a child in her arms, giving and nurturing?

Is her beauty found in three-piece suits, heels and lipstick?  Where is this woman…is she in you…do you recognize her could you…in a crowd?

What is love?

diamonds_angel_hearts_263075_l.jpegI had a discussion with someone regarding relationships and this was my response:

 I think when you find the right person you can find all three:  joy passion and friendship and if you look at how life should be led the same three…live it with joy have passion in something you love and find friendships wherever you go.

Love is very convoluted…not easy I think and people say that love should be unconditional but I don’t think it is…people still place conditions on it…even with children I see parents placing conditions on their kids and vice versa.  If not there would never be any arguments right?
Being in love I feel is when those endorphins are released, you feel good inside and want to conquer the world…even colors look brighter and you feel on top of the world….now take that feeling and see if it can be stretched out for years and years…can it be done or only a few privileged people are able to experience it?  I say this because I always wonder about the high divorce rate here…again due to people placing all sorts of conditions on love.  But if you can meet someone who is also your best friend…I think those relationships can last a lifetime.
I think most people would like to think love is unconditional however I do not see it as being that way….impractical.  But when you work together as a unit and take into account a person’s strengths and weaknesses then you can have a lasting relationship but don’t fool yourself into thinking love (whether romantic or not)….is unconditional because as human beings, even unintentional…we do place conditions on our significant counterparts…..

What is compassion?

lightfx_streetlight_light_273059_m.jpegCompassion has an intrinsic reality of empathy.  Having an inward ability to understand the suffering of others. To be able to feel humanity….to see their heart, their soul…being able to recognize that you…the person–are all part of something much bigger–more glorious than just living this life with a limited vision.  It is the ability to be selfless…to feel an inner joy.  To not expect anything in return.  For compassion truly is passion but of a different class. 

What is Joy?

Is it the anticipation of seeing one’s heart? The thrill of dreams coming to fruition…the essence of one’s life…fulfilling all expectations…the rush of sweetness, the culmination of fantasies come to life?

Is joy found in the smile of a child, watching an elderly couple holding hands on a breezy summer day? The sunshine and rainbows that cross our paths? The smell of the ocean, the whistling of the wind…the changing colors of the leaves?

Can joy be found in the eyes of your child? The passing of the days in tranquility?

What is joy? Can you smell it, touch, feel it all around you? Can you taste it, crave it, long for its touch?

What is dignity?

Is it being able to look yourself in the mirror? To know that you are allowing yourself a life worth living?

Is dignity found within your husband, in your wife…children? Can it be found deep inside your heart…do you live it? Feel it? Is it found in one’s word? Your name? Family? Job?

Having integrity in all that you do, an infinite grace found within yourself conveyed by actions.

I love this quote by Albert Einsten: “The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to live.”

What is Passion? (II)

Is it the tantalizing of senses? The breath upon skin? The taste, smell and ache of your beloved? An intensity which takes our breath away…challenges us to savour life…grasp it with everything we have…what we are…who we become

Is passion found only within the raw flesh…discovered solely within the eyes of one’s sweetheart? Hearing the beating of their heart…aching to be held? A merging of spirits?

Or can it also be found in the creation of a cause? The stirring of the soul for something far greater than oneself? Crying out at the injustices within our world?

Can passion be found as we age….does it diminish with the onset…as we become travelers through time? Is this love lost,

Is this love gained-gained through the ages of time…a passion stirred so deeply within us we never lose sight of who we are.

What is Faith……

Faith stems from many things but primarily within your heart…your soul…the two are intertwined…so much so we can forget where one ends and the other begins.

Faith means and devotion…it can be faith in God, faith in someone, faith in oneself.

Being able to release control and understanding that no matter what happens, good or bad…you try and accept what happens and if you can change your circumstance for the better—so be it.

Faith is diverse, a complexity of emotions and even physical strength. Faith is not simple…but has layers for which we build upon in order to continue the diversity of ourselves, in our sense of being and humanity at large.

Faith is the betterment oneself and ultimately in humanity…

What is a kiss?

More than just a touch of lips…but a meeting of souls…two hearts passionate for the other…feeling the breath of the other…slowly dipping to meet with intense anticipation…light, breath, touch, sounds…all encompass the first kiss…a delight to behold…a moment to remember…a kiss can be more than what you want it to be or less…a beginning to something grand…whatever you wish it to be…a crossing of boundaries, a delight to the senses…opening of hearts once embittered by the past but seeking new hope to a new and wondrous beginning…