Clipping those coupons

A lot of Americans are tightening their belts. Gas prices are high (when you remember filling up your tank for $12.00)–it’s high…consumer goods are on the rise, as a federal employee my salary is frozen…so as you can see someone like myself can become a little frustrated at the turn of events.

I never have been one to clip coupons. I find it time consuming and frankly boring but a friend of mine introduced me to this website which contains massive amounts of deals I simply could not pass up. I also passed this along to my coworkers because we all are struggling to keep our head above water, and now I have passed on the savings to my readers.

I know that my country/society consumes a lot of natural ressources, along with goods and services.  It shows in our lifestyle and overall health.  We need to really do an overhaul on how we live our lives and one of them is where we spend our money and what we put in our mouths.  Me, I want cleaner living (stress free would be nice) and simply appreciating the salary I make working for Uncle Sam.

I used to keep a blackboard regarding my monthly expenses and that’s how I was able to buy my home…now with the knowlege that for the next year or so I won’t receive a cost of living raise I will have to become creative with my $$$$.

15 Different Types of Toothpaste

Yes and am sure I am not the only one left scratching my head in front of the toothpaste section wondering which brand to buy, or trying to find a particular brand amongst a kaleidoscope of many trying to outdo the other for your $$$….and I am one of the many American consumers who is fed up with having too many choices that don’t seem to fit the size of my wallet.

Now how can a customer see this as a negative thing?

Well…for starters, how many variations of the same product do we need?  Especially when they are more expensive compared to a store brand?        

Walmart had pulled their Hefty trash bags off their shelves, favoring their own Great Value brand but looks like they are returning Hefty back to the shelves and that is one brand I have bought in the past but now favor the “no-name”.

I have slowly changed my shopping habits and it seems I am not the only one.

Americans are becoming more conscientious shoppers, not letting their money go so easily.  Before I would simply buy a name brand without second thoughts but these days I want to be wise on how I spend my hard earned dollars. And who can blame a consumer trying to survive these difficult economic times?  Some of us have to re-learn how to shop (maybe that sounds simple but when you have bought the same name brand since forever and you developed a “trust” for the product) it can be difficult to change but in order to survive these times sometimes we have to embrace change.

And if Walmart continues to follow this lead who knows what this will mean down the road for companies that sell these products? Hopefully they will lower their prices to a reasonable level. Sure, make your profit but quit inflating the prices!

Tax rebate

Because I am a first time home buyer I will be getting the tax rebate and one of my first expenses will be buying a washer and dryer.

And I am ecstatic over this impending “gift.”

And why is that pray tell?

Because I hate laundry mats…I don’t like mixing my clothes with stranger’s delicate items (shivers).

I prefer my own washer, my own dryer, washing on my own time, leisurely as I please….in my own home, rain or shine or snow. ACK…..the elements seem worse if it isn’t sunny and you gotta get the laundry done.


I hate doing laundry as is but especially so in a dirty laundry mat and to me all of them appear the same…same smell, same dirt.

Ahhh..feels good to rant.. Yes sir.

And my first sleigh bed…dark wood, cherry preferred and matching dresser.

Big Lots

I really like this store. I bought my sofa and loveseat there about five years ago and it’s cat proof.  I am planning to buy my bed and have bought a few decorative knicks knacks through the years.  Yesterday I went in to simply look for picture hooks and instead broke down, went back to the car, grabbed my debt card and bought a few more thins…… time this lady needs to LEAVE her stuff at home!

However, I do need a new vacuum and dining table….They even have prices cheaper than Walmart!


(Hopefully will be my NEXT bedroom set)

New Bed

Contemplating on buying a new bed after my brother’s wedding. This gal’s experience of sleeping on my friend’s air mattress over the holiday weekend tells me (or rather my back) that it’s time to upgrade.

Sooooo…….will be shopping for a bed along with a frame….I love sleigh and is a very possible option. I think my old mattress has become the root cause of my persistent back aches along with restless nights of slumber.

Now the one illustrated on this post is exactly what I want (decor wise)however would probably cost the same as a used car lol……though I do love dark wood might go for a reddish tone instead like cherry.
Sandman take me away………………

Gateway to financial fitness begins with the first step….

I thoroughly enjoyed my class and the instructor was fabulous…she is teaching us how to be frugal for the financial goals we wish to attain…(i.e. for myself I want a home)….

Because I am a visual and mental (NOT that kind of mental) person….I like a chart to look at when it comes to my monthly expenses….my goals. So next weekend I plan on buying a huge bulletin board so that I can begin charting my expenses….creating a large “house jar” (and yes I will have a nice pretty label on it)….to set aside some extra money and find a fabulous picture of what I consider my dream home to tape on my board.

I want to be constantly reminded WHY I am sacrificing for my American dream…….

According to the instructor she stated if your credit score is NOT at least 750 or higher DON’T BOTHER buying a home until you fix it.


Because these fly by night loan vendors (you know the ones who deal with high risk clientele) are being reigned in a bit due to the horrid housing market (for sellers at least)….are not as rampant as before when dealing out the $$$$$

She relayed a story (which hit home with the class) in that she knew of a lady who received a home loan at a 12% rate…………by the time she pays off this loan her house would have cost her an extra $250.000. I was like………………………


So now I am going to tighten the belt….see where I can save and how and continue going to these classes….


Do men get a “shopper’s high?”


Hell I do and I know a few women also who get this…I love shopping and have to control it or else I would be bankrupt. Seriously I wonder if they do? If not then why are there all these “toy” stores like Best Buy, Circut City, Radio Shak? Hmmmmmmmm

So what is shoppers high?

Dopamine provides shopper’s high

The pleasure of shopping is chemical — and fleeting — it’s all about the means and not the ends, say U.S. scientists.

The surge of excitement from shopping involves dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure. As shoppers first see a product and then consider buying it — the anticipation rather than the buying itself — discharges the chemical and drives the process, reported the Sunday Telegraph.

However, this surge of pleasure drops sharply as soon as the product has been bought, which can result in a sense of let-down — or “buyer’s remorse” — shortly afterwards.

“Dopamine is all about the hunt and the anticipation,” said Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta. “It is released as you conjure up in your mind the thought of this purchase and anticipate how it will look and how you will use it.”



Okay….it isn’t until tomorrow but figured I would go ahead and say it today since the next few days I will not be posting. Uncle Sam always has the good graces to give federal workers a paid day off. 🙂

My parents are coming to visit from Indiana, and I will be making dinner. (Hope they brought the Tums)….I bought my turkey at this awesome grocery store Aldi’s. I like shopping there more so than regular grocery store chains because their prices are better. If I cannot find something there I usually go to Dollar Deals or the Shop-n-Save. I think Schnuck’s is just too expensive (little note…I think you pay more for their ambiance than anything else)….

Anyway, have to finish my shopping today and I KNOW it will be crowded. Shame on me…I just kept putting it off. I really am not a shopping kind of gal for anything.

I do look forward to seeing my parents. Christmas we are off to Chicago to stay with my sister and her husband for a couple of days. That will be fun. My sister is a riot.

My hearts goes out to the families and to the soldiers deployed right now and pray that they are safe and have a halfway decent Thanksgiving.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dressing up

I love dressing up or down. I especially love fisherman sweaters. I have posted a few of the style I like. I enjoy being in jeans…”Americana” style…or dressing up but most comfortable in jeans…perhaps that is the “Hoosier” in me. 🙂

Just need a glass of red wine and a fireplace……