The angst of being a homeowner

Sometimes when you own your home little projects seem to pop up here and there and after awhile it can become a dreaded list of to do’s that have to be done and in this tenacious economy concentrating on where you put your money can indeed become a creative task.

I enjoy sinking my money into an investment but what I do not enjoy is not having the innate ability to fix things that sometimes can go wrong such as a clogged bathtub a noisy AC fan, low water pressure you name it.

What is a blessing is knowing someone who has the skills to help you which means saving some hard earned dollars.  However, I need to know how to do some of these tasks so that God forbid if it happens again in the future I can easily handle it without agonizing how to pay for said repairs.

Credit Card Offers

It seems once you become a home owner the junk mail starts filling up your inbox or in my case my mail slot.  One I received the other day was for a “pre-approved” credit card.


Should I risk entering into a viscous circle of new debt with a company which seems to have a reputation for poor customer service.

(Thank you Internet).

Or would I rather entrust such a major decision (for getting a credit card is major) and go with my bank?  It’s ironic if you don’t have revolving credit of some sort it can hurt your rating.

Only in America.                                   

But I finally decided to apply for one but with a company I can trust.

HellOOoo plastic!

Utilities and other rants related to homeownership

I haven’t paid a gas bill in I don’t know how many years.  Once I moved into my new home I gained not just electric but also gas.  Mind you, I can remember the day when gas was CHEAPER than electric.  Thankfully my heater is the only thing that runs off of gas.  I don’t use it for anything else but heating up my townhome.

I manage my utilities by conserving.  I taught my daughter this also.  My electric bill usually runs me less than $50.00 a month but my gas.  When I read my gas bill I was like damn!  Twice that amount.  I also have to contend with condo fees which rise every year. (Am like dammit!)

Sometimes I lament over the downfall of the almighty U.S. $.  I can remember what a dollar could buy when I was a kid.  To think I could do the same now is laughable.

All I gotta say is thank GOD for cost of living increases each year factored into my paycheck…..(now if the insurance companies could keep my premiums down…well maybe I won’t lament so much when other costs rise).

When I rented if something broke the landlord could simply take care of it.

Not now.

If something breaks now it comes out of my own pocket. That’s cool…that’s ok….but it makes me keep an awful eagle eye out for any possible future fixer uppers around here.  And being a single woman one reason I chose a townhome was that it means less maintenance for me. Sure I love a nice yard (but I can compensate by buying flowers in the spring to fill my patio).  I want my privacy but thankfully the neighbors are quiet.  One is elderly and the other is rarely home.

But damn man….why does the gas bill gotta be so high?         

Interesting day today

For the new homeowner…

One thing about being a homeowner is that any problems you have in your newly bought home are YOURS.

Renting has its certain comfort of safety… don’t have to worry about forking cash over if something doesn’t work.  The landlord takes care of it.

I miss that.

But I don’t miss the $$$ I was pouring into the crapper.  Ok, I miss the money of course I just don’t miss wasting my hard earned dollars when I am actually investing into a piece of property.

Anyway what made my day interesting is that the roofers finally came by to FIX the roof since it has been raining almost nonstop. Then the furnace is not working…Laclede Gas is stopping by this coming Friday to fix.  The space heaters kept tripping off the circuit breaker when someone would use a hair dryer or something that carried more amps.

Then I had to figure out which breaker went to what appliance/furnace/water heater/lights/stove….with the pounding of the workers on the roof, me losing the electric, having my daughter’s friends over it has been quite the day.


There is an inherent peaceful feeling when I rummage through old things or clean.  I finally got to use the Swiffer Mop I bought for the ceramic tile and it did a wonderful job getting rid of the scrape marks from moving in and the previous owner moving out.

The townhome is now looking like a real home and not just a bunch of boxes taking up valuable space.  However, the master bedroom still needs work and the spare bedroom no longer has my bed.  LONG story on that one.  The roof leaked and subsequently the drywall on the ceiling was affected. However am lucky that because it IS the roof the condo association has to fix the leak and my ceiling.  The previous owner used this latex paint whereupon when the link was going on this huge tit like bubble (that’s what it looked like) descended and had to use a trash can to catch the dirty brown water.  Maintenance used a wet patch to temporarily seal the leak and now just have to wait for a DRY day.  Once the roof is repaired the drywall will be replaced.

Hopefully it will be SOON!