A march for Women in Saudi Arabia


I recently read in Saudi Jeans about the Qatif rape victim in Saudi Arabia and the terrible dilemma she is in and how she is being treated:

“Two days ago, Shatha Omar on LBC hosted Abdul-Rahman Al Lahim, the girl’s lawyer, to talk about the case. In the opposite direction there was Sheikh Abdul-Mohsen Al Obeikan, an adviser to MoJ and member of the Shoura Council. I was shocked to hear Al Obeikan using certain expressions and words to imply that the girl committed adultery. It was really sickening. Later in the show, there was a call from the girl’s husband who sadly complained that the court did not consider the emotional and psychological state of his wife.’You think I would forgive her if she committed adultery?” he asked. “I’m an Arab man, after all.'”

“UPDATE: Ibrahim Al Khodhairi, a judge at the appeals court in Riyadh, told Okaz today that the judges in this case should have imposed the death penalty on all the parties involved, including the girl. He also said a lot of nonsense in his interview but I’m not in the mood to deconstruct his statements.”

Oh how I would love for there to be a peaceful women’s walk in that country….to have many of these wonderful women gather and march peacefully singing, praying or chanting….just showing up in sheer numbers in sisterhood solidarity who will not be thrown in jail for being a raped victim or for not having an escort or be accused of the many other chains that shackle them….to no longer be treated in such disregard.  I am not talking in generalities here….for I know of women happily living in Saudi, but I pray for the day the laws in that country which restrict women in various ways are repealed or lessen.  I pray for that day these women are able to truly be free.