The Phenomenon of Obama…

t1campaignersgi.jpegMy hat has always been in the ringer for Obama….I love his charisma….his enthusiasm and yes, even the fact he isn’t as “well-seasoned” as some of these other candidates.  I am also a strong believer if you do not go out and vote then you have no right to complain about who is in office….I have also voted for Repbulican and Democratic candidates.  I am not a stickler as far as parties but do tend to lean Democratic….especially in regards to this current administration which in my eyes has really fouled things up overseas and on the homefront.

I have always been adamant about voting.  Especially as a woman where in many other countries they are not allowed to vote and even within this nation were we women were not even given the right to vote until the earlier half of the 20th Century.  I feel it is my obligation to visit the polls.  So should you try and let it be yours….

My own political views regarding Presidential primaries are usual negative….but I really like this first term senator from Illinois.

Maybe he is the one to finally heal divisions in this country.  He has this appeal factor which  has attracted citizens from other parties….such as the independents–(could be a deciding factor in the primaries)…and even to some Republicans.  I think this man may be on to something great–wonderful for this nation of ours which is hurting internally.  Obama sums up the political dogma quite nicely:

 Obama’s theme of “hope” has drawn crowds — but also criticism from rivals who suggest he will be too soft to deliver the change he promises.

But Obama, still in his first term as a senator in Illinois, defended his message Monday, telling a crowd in Rochester, New Hampshire that hope “is not blind optimism.”

“Hope’s the opposite of that,” he said. “Hope’s not ignoring the challenges and obstacles that stand in your way, it’s about confronting them.

(This is what hit home for me as a voter and an American)The real gamble would be to have the same old folks doing the same old things over and over and over again and somehow expecting a different result,” he added.

Remarks of U.S. Senator Barack ObamaDr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial groundbreaking ceremonyNovember 13, 2006 

….As Dr. King asked to be remembered, I will tell them that this man gave his life serving others. I will tell them that this man tried to love somebody. I will tell them that because he did these things, they live today with the freedom God intended, their citizenship unquestioned, their dreams unbounded. And I will tell them that they too can love. That they too can serve. And that each generation is beckoned anew, to fight for what is right, and strive for what is just, and to find within itself the spirit, the sense of purpose, that can remake a nation and transform a world. Thank you very much.

Transformation of the Christian Faith

mcr-crucifix-m.jpgFaith has many different meanings for anyone who believes in God.  Not until 9/11 have I seen such a resurgence in the essence of Christianity.

Why do I say this?  Because religion is at the forefront of politics.  We read and see issues that are tagged to Islam (whether warranted or not) and it makes those of us who practice the Christian faith ponder upon our own innate beliefs.  I know I have.

crucifixesw560h378.jpgAccording to  M. Craig Barnes in his article Homestretch: searching for God after 9/11:

The reality is that our country was never as impregnable as we imagined, and neither is any individual home immune from the crises of diseases, divorce and even violence. Until we take our place among the vulnerable peoples of the world we will nurture only an illusion about home. So it is wisest to take seriously the crisis moments of life. They are our best opportunities to discover the sacred activity of God, who is constantly inviting us to leave the home of our illusions, but only to move us closer to the tree home he has prepared.

Becoming more aware of what you believe in (regardless if you are a Christian or not) seems to have created a cultural mindset in people to examine themselves and where they stand as far as personal goals—-their life’s journey.  I already knew about Islam prior to 9/11 and realized it is not a religion of hatred.  Only misguided and sometimes perverted views can create monsters as those who carry out terrorist activities. As cognizant human beings we need to sift through the rhetoric and discover for yourself what is truly out there to believe.  I feel that Christianity is coming to a critical turning point in its extended history…….we must pay attention.  To embrace humanity irregardless of what book is worshipped or followed.

Transforming the Christian faith into something that Jesus taught us is important to address and cannot emphasize enough.  I think there are plenty of people out there, parishioners and clergy who have fallen off the path towards what is good and what is deemed morally right.

Jesus taught that God is a caring Father, not someone to fear but to respect and realize that we could come to God when needed and to also thank God for the blessings in our lives.  Through the Old and New Testament we were taught human beings were granted free will…having the ability to choose right from wrong. 

We all have spiritual unity without necessarily having philosophical uniformity.  Meaning, though we may worship in different ways (i.e. the Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Taoist and other religions…) we all have an intrinsic spiritual connection that makes us human and causes us all to attain for a better afterlife.


Progressive Women’s Voices

I was reading Catherine Morgan’s “Informed Voter’s” blog and it was mentioned that women were needed to assist The Women’s Media Center who are [seeking] “diverse backgrounds, with experience and knowledge of specific subject areas and with strong communication skills which they will help to further develop.”  You can find more information here and hope that women out there are ready and willing to participate:

 I am pretty psyched about this and will be checking it out myself and see what I can do to contribute.

I admire this man……..

Abdul Rahman al-Lahem has really impressed me.  This Saudi lawyer represented the Qatif ganged raped victim and currently faces a disciplinary hearing today for “insulting the Supreme Judicial Council and disobeying the rules and regulations” of the judiciary.

Still his client faces 200 lashes and six months in prison for being with an unrelated man.  What is also appalling besides further victimizing this young woman (who btw husband STILL supports her), those animals who raped her and her companion are getting off ever so lightly between two to nine years in prison.  Now how a$$ backwards is that???????????  Educated men in the Judiciary should know this is wrong and that this man was representing a true victim here!!!!!!!!!

This poor lawyer is now facing death threats for his head.  According to the CNN article: 

“These opinions don’t scare me, but they make me feel a disappointment that there are people who think this way.”

“I wish that those who oppose me could engage in a direct dialogue instead of calling for violence. Unfortunately, they are still stuck in a culture of closed-mindedness.”

His license is to be reinstated (we hope) today.  He also implied that he will definitly represent the Saudi woman again. Considering how closed off this society can be in certain regards about women and about their laws I find the actions of this man to be one of courage and immense strength……………….However today’s hearing can also disbar him.

Al-Lahem also stated:  “I believe in the system and the law, and I believe I didn’t do anything wrong,”  My God….my heart goes out to him & his family….to step up like this in a society that is very group think oriented (unlike the USA where the culture emphasizes individualism–of course each has its own positive and negative connotations–will discuss at further length in another post)…this is just amazing to me.  I applaud him and he deserves so much more.  His steadfast beliefs in the Saudi system of justice is perhaps naive—I think with the Saudi history of their judicial system, especially towards women….it might take a true miracle to save him and his client.


The ruling of the Teddy Bear

everystockphoto_156365_m1.jpegI have followed several discussions regarding the teddy bear incident in the Sudan.  I feel very bad for the teacher Gillian Gibbons. I think in the future it would be quite wise to understand an Islamic state such as the Sudan before gaining employment. 

There are just certain do’s and don’t’s.  I personally feel that the teacher meant no harm.  That what occurred was taken way out of proportion.  This terrible travesty of justice has embarrassed Muslims with whom I converse with on a daily basis.  Not every Muslim out there is a fanatic.  I believe that the Sudanese government were biased, hasty and immature to even suggest jailing this woman or even worse.

If they were appalled by her behavior then she should have been deported already.  Sudan is no where near what the USA is, when it comes to freedom of speech.  Not like this nation where human rights are already severely curtailed.

Petition to free Ms. Gibbons: