The love of my life

I know this might sound corny to some, but since meeting my husband I still get those goosebumps and butterflies. It will be 3 years together next year and our 1 year wedding anniversary 2/27/14 is quickly coming up. This time last year my husband was in Afghanistan, so I never take him for granted. I hear far too often about bad or loveless marriages and I don’t want that for myself. Marriage IS a lot of hard work but should be work you WANT to do. It takes two to make a long-term commitment, and at the same time, always try to have fun with one another, BE respectful. Think of your spouse also as your best friend. Don’t criticize your spouse in public and healthy communication is the key. Keep in mind that the both of you chose one another out of millions to spend the rest of your lives together for better or for worse.



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