Responsibility of Free Speech

“As a matter of constitutional tradition, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, we presume that governmental regulation of the content of speech is more likely to interfere with the free exchange of ideas than to encourage it. The interest in encouraging freedom of expression in a democratic society outweighs any theoretical but unproven benefit of censorship.” — Justice John Paul Stevens, writing for the majority

I was reading a post by Saudi Jeans regarding the dilemma of a Saudi man, Fouad Al Farhan, a leading Saudi blogger who faces jail time….due to comments made in a blog. I find this disturbing. I fail to see why such a man should be punished for this kind of thing.

Perhaps his comments are a threat to the Saudi elite and the “good order” and “discipline” of that country? Makes me wonder.

Makes me appreciate my own rights to free speech.

I think we Americans can sometimes take for granted our ability to express ourselves. Now, with this freedom comes responsibility. We cannot incite violence (makes sense) or voice extremist concerns to overthrowing the government. Of courseWe can let it be known our displeasure regarding the current administration…that is our God given right.

We shouldn’t be a bull in the china shop so to speak when it comes to being able to express ourselves. Tact, maturity and reason should be taken into consideration. There will always be dissenters, buffoons, terrorists who equate freedom of speech with irresponsible behavior. A civil society has boundaries…finding that balance to being civil and being censored is the key.