The Essence of Blogging

att467707.gifI tend to try and provide an entry every day or at most every other day…can be difficult but if you are a fellow blogger like me….one who loves to write and a great observant of your world–there is a wealth of material out there to grasp and discuss.

Currently I am trying to become more savvy as far as what hot topics are out there to blog about.  I like to think of my blog as a mixture of politics, humor, insight and fiction. 

I enjoy reading excerpts from fellow bloggers…amazed at how this community is growing.  Who would have thought this electronic venue would be so provocative especially regarding political agendas?

Case in point, there is this Saudi national, educated in the United States currently jailed:

JIDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 31 — Saudi Arabia’s most popular blogger, Fouad al-Farhan, has been detained for questioning, an Interior Ministry spokesman confirmed Monday. It was the first known arrest of an online critic in the kingdom.

Farhan, 32, who used his blog to criticize corruption and call for political reform, was detained “for violating rules not related to state security,” according to the spokesman, Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki, responding to repeated requests for comment with a brief cellphone text message.

Farhan’s Dec. 10 arrest was reported last week on the Internet and has been condemned by bloggers in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Bahrain. The Saudi news media have not yet reported the arrest, but more than 200 bloggers in the kingdom have criticized Farhan’s detention, and a group of supporters have set up a Free Fouad Web site.

The power of the written word is prohetic and as a fellow blogger support Faoud and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.


I admire this man……..

Abdul Rahman al-Lahem has really impressed me.  This Saudi lawyer represented the Qatif ganged raped victim and currently faces a disciplinary hearing today for “insulting the Supreme Judicial Council and disobeying the rules and regulations” of the judiciary.

Still his client faces 200 lashes and six months in prison for being with an unrelated man.  What is also appalling besides further victimizing this young woman (who btw husband STILL supports her), those animals who raped her and her companion are getting off ever so lightly between two to nine years in prison.  Now how a$$ backwards is that???????????  Educated men in the Judiciary should know this is wrong and that this man was representing a true victim here!!!!!!!!!

This poor lawyer is now facing death threats for his head.  According to the CNN article: 

“These opinions don’t scare me, but they make me feel a disappointment that there are people who think this way.”

“I wish that those who oppose me could engage in a direct dialogue instead of calling for violence. Unfortunately, they are still stuck in a culture of closed-mindedness.”

His license is to be reinstated (we hope) today.  He also implied that he will definitly represent the Saudi woman again. Considering how closed off this society can be in certain regards about women and about their laws I find the actions of this man to be one of courage and immense strength……………….However today’s hearing can also disbar him.

Al-Lahem also stated:  “I believe in the system and the law, and I believe I didn’t do anything wrong,”  My God….my heart goes out to him & his family….to step up like this in a society that is very group think oriented (unlike the USA where the culture emphasizes individualism–of course each has its own positive and negative connotations–will discuss at further length in another post)…this is just amazing to me.  I applaud him and he deserves so much more.  His steadfast beliefs in the Saudi system of justice is perhaps naive—I think with the Saudi history of their judicial system, especially towards women….it might take a true miracle to save him and his client.