Dare to dream

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
Maya Angelou

You must have a passion to write.  Who wants to toil away bleeding their soul upon the very pages a potential reader will one day read….

My love for the written word, ah my imagination, aches for release!!  I cannot explain this desire any other way. I guess one may equate this exquisite obsession to an athlete’s quest for bodily perfection and the perfect timing.

As a budding teen I dutifully plugged away on  my father’s old Remington typewriter (the one with the dual ribbon–red and black)…don’t ask me about the red…and when that antiquated device failed…also wrote longhand–pages and pages of teenage angst, and unrequited love. As Stephen King would say:  ” The most important things are the hardest to say.” But…they must be said!

Flash forward a few years…With the advent of Word and then the laptop, I was in writer’s heaven.

Now my poor laptop is struggling.  The “O” key cover is missing, my backward slash does not work, nor my question mark. To say am hard on modern technology is an understatement.  I need one of those Army field laptops which can take a beating.

A writer writes and this one has so much to tell!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
Anaïs Nin


Cultural diversity and other rants

You know how you have friends who forward emails to you (some you like others you delete just by reading the subject line) anyway, a friend of mine decided to send me (A mixed raced woman) an email about how the US should vote for English as the only language to be spoken in the USA, that there should be no cultural influences other than what is allowed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Needless to say I emailed him back and asked him did he know WHAT he was sending me because I didn’t care too much for the content of said email.

I love the fact America is so culturally diverse. 

We are the land of opportunity (at least we were) but a person can still make a good living here if they have that fire from within to keep pushing forward (a trait Americans are known to have) and which I will continuously defend. I have read a lot of America bashing (especially after 9/11) and am sick and tired of it.

In regards to the email, I believe anyone who lives here must abide by the rules established by law and respect our Constitution.  With that said it galls me to no end there are individuals who want to stamp out the cultural identities of those people who call themselves Americans.  Growing up and having to deal with racist comments and acts I always had to deal with the stupidity of these people who couldn’t open their eyes to the possibility there was more than one color to the human race. We have to all share this planet together and I find that we are not the best caretakers for it (but that’s a topic for another day).

 So, before you forward another email please step back and think about what exactly you are sending because it might not be “quite appropriate” for the person on the receiving end.

Internet addiction

I know I have it. I should attend IA. Internet Anonymous. Ever since the glorious world wide web sprung forth I have been a willing participant.

Today is no acception. I love my blog, Facebook, other blogs…online news, research–you name it.  And when my router died there I was on the floor among all the wires hooked up directly to the modem getting my fix.

Of course today I bought a new router, different brand because the other one simply sucked with a capital S and am getting my fix again today.

You can check to see if you are in need of IA 🙂 by clicking here

Now where’s my Facebook?

Has technology taken away from our social interactions?

I posted a new thread on English Sabla regarding the relationship dynamics of our comfortable newfound intimacy with our laptop/PC…I think all of us who spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer….lacking in social skills…or at least…needin to improve on the existing ones:           circuit_future_plasma_223141_l

I was reading Dubai Guy about how this past Eid he did not spend as much time or have as many people to visit this time around. He pondered on whether or not all the technology we have these days has created self-centered people who are forgetting their social “graces”


It was a very slow Eid. Every Eid, the number of people you personally go to greet or receive them is going down. Apart from the close family relatives, the number of people I met on the Eid day can be easily counted on fingers of my hand. This was not the case only a few years ago. Maybe its technology, which although has diminished the distances over the air waves, but has also increased the distances between people.

The way things are going, I believe face to face interactions would totally disappear soon. We are becoming self-centered people. You will find most muslims boasting about how they have preserved their family values, perhaps it was true before, but I think the landscape has considerably changed, at least in the “developed” muslim countries.

I have seen online dating sites, forums, you name it…causing people to instead have a personal one on one intimate relationship with their computer/keyboard than with someone face to face.


Cable companies




One thing that bugs the hell out of me is incompetence. I am ready (this close–pinching my fingers together) to leave Charter.

I have been having issues with the Internet all this week, well everything was fine Saturday until last night around 7pm.  My Internet is out again and it isn’t my laptop. I am at Starbucks typing away on the ‘net right this very second.

Apparently it’s the IP address (I am ASSUMING) which is giving me the biggest pain in the ass issue.  This is what I have done….so far so I KNOW it isn’t ME!:

1.  Bought a new Ethernet cable

2.  Bought a new laptop (the biggie)

3.  Bought a new router

Sooooo…….what the heck is it?

edit:  Ended up fixing the net on my own. I had it and yes…I need IA (Internet Anonymous)…..

I did get a whole $8.00 credit for last night and today. I just want what I paid for. Service.

Ok, am done ranting.


Bought myself a new toy.  A Toshiba Satellite L305-S5955 (squeal) ok that’s the girl in me.  I did buy a 2 year warranty for $74.00.  I learned my lesson from my last laptop when that one (it was given as a gift and no warranty was bought)…the A/C adaptor broke off from the male end on the toy thus disabling it.  When I went to Best Buy to find out what it would cost to fix it was told I would have to replace the motherboard.


So, it sits gathering dust like a big paperweight.   I was dying for a laptop and my PC simply has me ticked off.  Going to strip the hard drive and start from scratch like I did with my daughter’s laptop when she “forgot” to update her virus protection software and her toy crashed.  It took about 3 hours to get her baby back and running but mama did it!

The laptop is my toy for running the creative juices…I can happily scamper off to Borders and Barnes and Noble to brainstorm for my next book.

We stopped off at GameStop and she bought Kingdom Hearts II for PS2 and SingStar (1980’s) and she is beggin’ mama to sing and I will but not tonight. I spent almost an hour with Charter (who still couldn’t help me)…Best Buy was able to get a connection when I took the tower there and they stated (when a repairman came yesterday) the modem is working and I changed the Ethernet cable (see other post).  I am now typing on the kid’s laptop and will open up my toy some time this weekend.  Mama is tired and she needs to quit being so reliant on the Net for entertainment……….

Ok, kid is going through the SingStar’s repritoire and I am having major flashbacks from high school and from my time in the military (active duty 1986-1990).

Sometimes the Internet can be……

a fat pain in the ass.



Not just at work (where you would think with all the million$ $pent on federal hardware we would have up to the minute/speed in our intranet and programs.


And then at home I have had to troubleshoot what the $%#* is going on with my Internet.

NOT the modem

NOT the Ethernet cable.

It might be………might be the NIC card.

So, tomorrow am taking my tower over to Best Buy (thankfully I still have a warranty on the hardware). Bought almost a year ago next month to try and find out what the hell is going on.

I want a laptop but this has to be fixed first.

God, I need to go to Internet Anonymous!

Death of a Dino

Well, my home computer (a Compaq Presario) finally died on me in glorious fashion late yesterday evening….after almost 10 years of loyal service it said its sad goodbyes last night and now I have to buy a new computer.

Having to be a savvy consumer am now looking for a reasonably priced PC. May just buy my next one at Best Buy or Circuit City.

I would love a laptop however I don’t like some of the issues which comes with them such as overheating and making sure you protect your ac/dc adaptor connection with the fierce protection of a mother bear. (My Toshiba connection broke off one fine evening when someone who shall remain nameless was a little careless and it wasn’t me.)

Debating whether or not to get a Mac or stick with Microsoft products though for me at least Vista leaves a LOT to be desired. WHY did they have to mess with perfection???

I loved XP.

Sigh………time for a change.

Sweet anticipation

laptop_239107_l.jpegI will be sending my laptop in for repairs soon.  Why is this sweet anticipation because I will be going back to my fiction writing forte.

I found that somehow sitting in front of a bulky PC simply does not get this lady’s creative juices flowing. 

I love my laptop but that horrible metal prong thing which broke off is stuff of nightmares.

I hope the costs are reasonable because well….I don’t want to pay out $$$ when I can just get another PC.  The reason I am fixing my Toshiba is due to my zeast of using it all of the time and having to well keep charging that battery so when the prong broke off I had it less than a year and the programs on there are awesome and fresh.