Living in the moment……

Do you live in the moment or do you wish your life away…always in a hurry to get to the next day, event, engagement…whatever that may be.

Sometimes I am guilty of this…then I think back on the richness of my life, thankful to have been able to experience so much.  I like to think I lived an above average existence.  One motivation for joining the Army was to do something different than those around me.  Not too many girls in my high school were keen on joining the service. I am proud that I followed through on that quest.

I also am proud of the fact I was able to visit the Middle East in 2006.  Not too many people get the opportunity to venture outside of their comfort zone (cannot blame them sometimes). But for me, for what I want out of life…to push myself—I wanted and needed to go.  Plenty of people were afraid for my safety but the funny thing was…I never felt afraid. For me traveling to Oman and UAE was a great big adventure. I soaked in the culture, the sounds, the scents. I am grateful to have been given that wonderful opportunity to visit.  Though I may never get that chance I am glad I have the memories to carry for a lifetime.

That is the key about life…find something which gives you passion, joy, a reason for living.  Doesn’t have to be so dramatic as joining the military or traveling overseas. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive, feel good on the inside and gives you strength.  I always felt that life has to be worth living. Not just a day to day existence. I know I have been caught in some serious ruts…recognizing this and pulling yourself out of it is the key.  Find a passion for life…embrace the moment, live for it..revel in your freedom….I know I can sound like a flower toting hippie at times but to be honest I would much rather live for the moment then be stuck in a dreary rut…give me these moments any given day and I will show you a happy and healthy person.