100 Most Scariest Places

Ok…I am going to blog just for a little bit not leaving until the afternoon hopefully will beat the rain….yes rain.

My daughter wants us to sign up for this and I am debating…..if they pay all your expenses hey good deal….I always have been interested in the paranormal (taken from the website):

There’s more to experience on a real haunted Vacation than most people can fit into one normal vacation – sun, sand, ancient historic sites, secrets of the dead and past, unique nature-based experiences in exotic locals, and non-stop ghostly haunted and paranormal thrills. All this sounds something like the latest Indiana Jones Movie doesn’t it?

But a real haunted adventure should be just that … shouldn’t it? I’m not saying everything you investigate is going to be the pinnacle of what will be defined as the most positive proof that real ghosts, or cryptids and hauntings are real. But of course any haunted investigation vacation should have some great expectations.

Hey anything for the kid right??????????????


Ghost Hunting at the Waverly Sanatorium


A friend of mine wants me to go with her to this place next year.  It is reputed to be the most haunted place on earth with over 63,000 deaths. TAPS (seen on the Sci Fi channel) were there this past October and reported activity.  If I am able to go I am bringing my crucifix for sure….


Back before the sanatorium was ever thought of, the land was purchased by Major Thomas H. Hays in 1883. The story goes that Major Hays needed a school for his daughters to go to, so he started a one room school house down on pages lane and hired a woman whose name was Lizzie Lee Harris as the teacher. Miss Harris loved her tiny school nestling against the hillside, and remembered her fondness for Scott’s Waverley novels, so she named her little school house “Waverley School.”  Now Major Hays liked the peaceful sounding name so he named his property “Waverley Hill” and the Board of Tuberculosis Hospital kept the name when they bought the land and opened the sanatorium.




I bought an Ouija when I was stationed over in Texas well over 19 years ago, back in 1988. I was messing around with it in the barracks at Ft. Hood, where I was stationed, and we were asking a variety of questions. I can swear to you we channeled the spirit of a boy (who was burned alive). Later, we then started asking about the devil and the lights actually flickered. The plastic device we used flicked out of our hands (honest) and across the room……………Now, I was with Army personnel and they got spooked. I took it home and was messing with it that same night. Not a good thing to do alone.

I felt this weird sensation come over me. I immediately took the board outside and I remember I had the door hooked to this thing on the outside of the trailer (it was a hot Texas night). Jessy was in her room asleep.

I broke the board across my knee & threw it straight into the dumpster. As soon as I did that the door slammed shut and mind you there was no breeze at all. I ran inside to ck on my kid and she was fine but the weird feeling I had disappeared when I threw away the board.