I bought an Ouija when I was stationed over in Texas well over 19 years ago, back in 1988. I was messing around with it in the barracks at Ft. Hood, where I was stationed, and we were asking a variety of questions. I can swear to you we channeled the spirit of a boy (who was burned alive). Later, we then started asking about the devil and the lights actually flickered. The plastic device we used flicked out of our hands (honest) and across the room……………Now, I was with Army personnel and they got spooked. I took it home and was messing with it that same night. Not a good thing to do alone.

I felt this weird sensation come over me. I immediately took the board outside and I remember I had the door hooked to this thing on the outside of the trailer (it was a hot Texas night). Jessy was in her room asleep.

I broke the board across my knee & threw it straight into the dumpster. As soon as I did that the door slammed shut and mind you there was no breeze at all. I ran inside to ck on my kid and she was fine but the weird feeling I had disappeared when I threw away the board.