The Power to Choose


I don’t care for labels because when someone places you into a certain niche it becomes difficult to challenge.

I saw this quote posted on FB and wanted to briefly share my views on abortion.

I am in agreement with Sister Chittister in that if you are pro-life it means you must  realize the repercussions that come with an unexpected pregnancy. This child born to either an unwed or married woman, means his or her life has to have some kind of accountability.  They will need to be fed, clothed,  and educated so that they ultimately become a productive member of society.

If you are against a welfare state, which also includes bringing in unwanted children and caring for them up to the age of 18, your belief in pro-life is a poor decision view  at best.  I think it’s quite hypocritical forcing a woman to have a child and if she is poor or  a teen, you wash your hands after the birth, expecting her to figure out a way to raise it.

I don’t want to get on my soapbox for too long on this subject because it’s quite personal to me. However, with that being said, I feel my blog can be a venue for alerting others regarding this type of political (for it is) and religious thought.

If you are a pro-lifer (which is of course, it’s your right to be,) then it stands to reason you want this child to be able to be afforded the opportunities to live a productive life with ample opportunities to succeed.

If you don’t, if you feel that the child should simply be born and take its chances with the parent(s), then I feel you’re nothing but a hypocrite who gives no real thought to your narrow-minded point of view.

There’s a distinct difference between pro-life and pro-birth.

I don’t feel children should be brought into this world if the parent(s) can’t take care of it.  I believe couples should wait until they are financially AND emotionally ready to bring forth such a gift as a child. For children are a gift.  They are living, breathing, and feeling human beings.  Unfortunately unexpected pregnancies do happen. My hope is that the couple involved take full responsibility over their decision to get pregnant (because it takes TWO to tang0), and come up with a viable solution.


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