Vacation Time!!

Off to the East Coast….and Canada. Looking forward to putting yet another state to place under my belt putting my travels at 40.  Passport is packed and ready to visit Canada again. Years ago I was there (near Niagra Falls)…..excited….had a long ass week with my regular 9-5 and then drill.

Going to work on my 61 page officer packet….seeking a direct commission in the health services field.  Something I wanted to enter for years.

I wish everyone a wonderful week…sorry haven’t updated my blog in awhile, but plan to be more productive once I return. 😉

Blogging and grammar

As I sit here with my dog on my lap I ponder upon an antithesis of the writing realm….grammar.

It’s a love/hate relationship.  I can look back at some vintage posts and wince at the fundamental elements of my writing style glaring back at me and I am like…really?

Sure I can save it as a draft but then I get distracted and will forget about it until God knows when.

I don’t know if anyone else bites their nails over this…unless you’re a perfectionist but when you have people continuously reviewing your blog every day it means something right?


I WISH I had the energy of my puppy

After I gave Wendy a bath she started zooming all round the first floor of my townhome like a wound up toy.  I am like ??? where in the world can I get that in a pill?

The hardest part in all of this is of course the potty training.  Right now it seems a hit or miss thing. I try to time it every two hours but sometimes she catches me by surprise and I end up stepping into a wet puddle. Yeah gross.

But when you have ceramic tile sometimes it is a hit or miss as far as where you are going and she is as quick as lightening when it comes to emptying that bladder or doing errrr….#2.  I am getting her to go in the same area to “potty” so that her scent is already there.
Ahhh the things we write on our blogs…..isn’t it grand??

Tagged by Threadlike

I was tagged by fellow blogger and Sablan Threadlike:

Seven random facts about me:

1.  I don’t like driving in the rain. Had 2 accidents because of it.

2.  I have lived in the Midwest for most of my life.

3.  I flunked driver’s ed in high school (and ended up learning how to drive on a helipad in S. Korea.)

4.  I think Saint Louis driver’s suck. (Try driving with them when it rains or snows. They S.U.C.K.!)

5.  I hate housework. (But since I hate messes even more I deal with it)  🙂

6.  I love the sound of the rain and am under my blanket (same as Threadlike). I feel comforted.  😀

7.  I have the patience of a saint (with waiting in line, rude people).

Visitors to my blog

I have to say those who drop by from other countries (especially ones who return) I feel honored that they visit and take a look at my “musings.”  Sure not everything I jot down here is going to appeal to everyone but it does my heart good to see people coming to visit.


Thank you!

Italian Meatball Soup and a redhead

I am an avid fan of Pioneer Woman (who also happens to be a red head) and enjoy reading her escapades on her family’s ranch.  She is also an awesome cook who recently went on a  book tour promoting her delicious recipes.

What makes me continue to read her blog is her sense of humor and having compassion for others such as donating money to help with the Haitian relief and her eye for beauty and laughter through her camera lens.

Now, if you have the time and inclination check out this recipe for Italian Meatball Soup and browse through all of her other wonderfully easily downloadable delicious recipes, trust me you wont regret it!