Seasons of change

This year was chocked full of change:

1.  Reenlisted in the Military

2.  Got Promoted

3.  Bought a townhome

I am blessed…though the journey was difficult to get to this point I am glad I never gave up on myself.  It took years to get here to where I wanted to be and I did it, as ol’ Frankie said….”MY wayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tax rebate

Because I am a first time home buyer I will be getting the tax rebate and one of my first expenses will be buying a washer and dryer.

And I am ecstatic over this impending “gift.”

And why is that pray tell?

Because I hate laundry mats…I don’t like mixing my clothes with stranger’s delicate items (shivers).

I prefer my own washer, my own dryer, washing on my own time, leisurely as I please….in my own home, rain or shine or snow. ACK…..the elements seem worse if it isn’t sunny and you gotta get the laundry done.


I hate doing laundry as is but especially so in a dirty laundry mat and to me all of them appear the same…same smell, same dirt.

Ahhh..feels good to rant.. Yes sir.

And my first sleigh bed…dark wood, cherry preferred and matching dresser.

Still cannot believe

I have an actual mortgage.

That I am no longer living in Webster Groves. (It is an adjustment not living there)….my newly adopted city is a little different…more spread out.  But at least I have a new place that is MINE. M.I.N.E.

Owning a home and its wonderful headaches

Because of the heavy rain for the past day and a half my new townhome sprung a leak…well, the ceiling did in the guest bedroom (good thing there are no guests at the moment…they would be highly inconvenienced).    storm_lightning_thunder_268694_l

The latex paint used by the previous owner was awesome. It contained the leak.  Lucky thing living in a townhome and paying condo association fees is that incidences like this, where my drywall is damaged due to the roof, the association will have to pay for it.  I am off on Monday and the repair guy (who was a cutie) will be fixing the roof (hopefully the damn rain will have stopped), and the ceiling will need to be be torn out and redone.  As long as this isn’t coming out of my pocket, and it shouldn’t…..I have no problem except for the inconvenience of dealing with the unsightly bulge (whew) of my ceiling.

Imagine if it was a free-standing home where I would have to fork out probably thousands to fix my dwelling.

I feel like I made a smart move in living in a townhome instead of a regular house.  I don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or the outside structure….I am at a point in my life where those things really are more of a hassle than a luxury.

The “big” move & dad

Moving to the new place. About 70% in the U-haul.  I did most of it….just went into my “Army Robot Mode” and having family coming down to help get it all in tomorrow….THANK GOD! Tired of this “in-between” worlds.  I just want to be settled.  Happy and settled.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Dad is still in the hospital. He contracted some rare infection (one that gravely ill and those housed in the intensive care unit get)..imagine…you go to the hospital to get better and you end up with some kind of deadly infection.  Dad cannot cut a break!  😦

DAD has this infection:  😥


What is Acinetobacter?

Acinetobacter (ass in ée toe back ter) is a group of bacteria commonly found in soil and water. It can also be found on the skin of healthy people, especially healthcare personnel. While there are many types or “species” of Acinetobacter and all can cause human disease, Acinetobacter baumannii accounts for about 80% of reported infections.

Outbreaks of Acinetobacter infections typically occur in intensive care units and healthcare settings housing very ill patients. Acinetobacter infections rarely occur outside of healthcare settings.

What are the symptoms of Acinetobacter infection?

Acinetobacter causes a variety of diseases, ranging from pneumonia to serious blood or wound infections and the symptoms vary depending on the disease. Typical symptoms of pneumonia could include fever, chills, or cough. Acinetobacter may also “colonize” or live in a patient without causing infection or symptoms, especially in tracheostomy sites or open wounds.

How do people get Acinetobacter infection?

Acinetobacter poses very little risk to healthy people. However, people who have weakened immune systems, chronic lung disease, or diabetes may be more susceptible to infections with Acinetobacter.Hospitalized patients, especially very ill patients on a ventilator, those with a prolonged hospital stay, or those who have open wounds, are also at greater risk for Acinetobacter infection. Acinetobactercan be spread to susceptible persons by person-to-person contact, contact with contaminated surfaces, or exposure in the environment.

How is Acinetobacter infection treated?

Acinetobacter is often resistant to many commonly prescribed antibiotics. Decisions on treatment of infections with Acinetobacter should be made on a case-by-case basis by a healthcare provider. Acinetobacter infection typically occurs in very ill patients and can either cause or contribute to death in these patients.


Honestly, I wonder what kind of harm are we doing to ourselves when we uber-sanitize our world?

I think we have to have a balance.

I am huge on that.

The last time I swallowed an antibiotic pill was four years ago…maybe more….when I was in the hospital for pancreatitis.  (I was a very sick gal and lived at Saint Joseph’s in Kirkwood, Missouri.)

Since then I haven’t touched a pill and haven’t had a cold.  I don’t go crazy with the hand gels…I do wash my hands frequently but with regular soap.  I think hospitals are literally shooting themselves in the foot by using disinfectants which allow viruses like what dad has to spread at a crazy rate.

Just crazy.

Taking a breather

Watching Seinfeld waiting for the kid to get home so I can make her dinner. Feet kicked up ahhh…feels nice.  I still have to tackle the “little stuff” regarding the move and thinking about what else I could get rid of and donate to the Salvation Army.

Is it Saturday yet???????????????


That is how I feel when I watch the History Channel…currently another topic on King Tut.

At least it’s not another Hitler topic. Too macabre for me.

Thinking about a nice cup of hot chocolate and figuring out what to pack tomorrow.  Pretty much everything is done and when my sister and brother-in-law come down I want to already have the moving truck packed with most of the boxes.  I want this to be a FAST move.  Then next week finish up here with getting everything in order.

I am going to die to see the reactions of the cats when they move to the new place.  Simba pretty much only knows this apartment…his universe. This move will be Luna’s fourth.  Frankly am tired of moving and each time I do move I tend to slough off more worldly goods.

It’s also nice I don’t have to pay on my first mortgage until November 1st which means I can declaw my cats (something I dread doing but the carpets at the apartment took a beating) and the carpets at the townhome are brand new.

Watching commercial for MasterCard. they need to have one about a first time buyer getting things on their MasterCard and the final entry:

“Walking into their own home for the first time……….pricelesssssssssssssssssss…………………..

Salvation Army is loving this gal

I am getting rid of allot of stuff which am more than happy to unload.  Includes my large tv, already gave them my kitchen table with chairs along with a Christmasy bear, getting ready to hand over a a tv stand, and going to give them a computer monitor.  (It’s dated…it’s Compaq).

Just getting rid of this extra stuff makes me feel lighter.

Feels gooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please consider donating items to them by clicking here to get more information.