Take the opportunity to travel

cairo_egypt_citadel_267698_l.jpegOne thing I can say since I was a child I had the wonderful opportunity to travel.  My exposure began at the tender age of two and still today I suffer from this on-going wanderlust.

You don’t have to cross the seas to get to an exotic destination…think about what would be exotic for you.

Case in point…when I was traveling to Las Vegas for a wedding I drove through some of the most gorgeous scenery I could have ever laid eyes upon and these were the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and then traveling through the barren lands of Utah. I was amazed at all the rock formations, the colors, the height of these majestic beasts.

I was enthralled, hypnotized…in love.

Being able to move outside of your own comfort zone can be seen as a plus. At least for me…I grew up in the Midwest and well here we are cushioned in many ways against a lot of different issues and one of them being we are primarily homogeneous here.  Because of that I needed to explore my world to taste what else was outside of the cornfields and farms of Indiana.

I have been blessed with the pioneer spirit…being able to wander these lands and foreign countries at will.  I enjoyed my trip to the Middle East, visiting Dubai, Oman and hopefully one day I can visit Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon.  I was like a child in a candy store…soaking in the culture around me…the veiled women, the men dressed in white wearing their disdashas.  The souk, mosques, camels, sand…I was in total Heaven.

Though there was some apprehension (not on my part) in regards to visiting the Middle East a couple of years ago all I thought about was the awesome adventure I was about to begin.

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone can also mean exposing your senses to a wonderment of colors, sounds, smells, tastes…enjoy revelling in all your senses, make new friends along the way, widen your horizon, broaden your mind and really live life the way it was meant to well…be lived.