I chose the title of “Life in These United States” because well….I live in the US.  I like to cover pretty much anything and everything that hits my fancy—almost like an online journalistic magazine forum.

Blogging is a new form of media I am very happy to be a part of.  An online journal where people can sort out their ideas, dreams, politics, values, just whatever they have to write whenever they want to write it down.  Friends can be made along the way, hopefully no enemies but we can learn from one another on this journey of life together…

5 thoughts on “ME

  1. Hi stranger! I googled “medical waiver military” and came across your blog! I’m currently trying to get into the Navy, though I had a spinal fusion almost four years ago (age 14)…how long did it take to get approved?

  2. For me it took 2 months after I got a recruiter who was willing to work with me. Sometimes the military will not accept someone who has had a prior existing condition in their back because they need to be able to do a wide range of motions/exercises etc. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Did you have a spinal fusion and get into the military? If so what all did you need to do and have so you could? I am prior service wanting to get back in after 11 years and I had a one level spinal fusion in 2001 and I am worried it will keep me from reenlisting. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bobby

  4. I didn’t have major issues with my back. I know when it comes ot back issues the military may not grant a waiver. You have to be deployable. I was able to get a waiver but it wasn’t for back issues. You will need to talk to an Army recruiter and probably see a series of doctors (even MEPS) to determine whether or not you can obtain a waiver. It took six months for me to get into the Guard and from what I understand, at least for the state I live in, we are overstrengthed.

    Good luck!

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