What type of problem solver are you?

How do you all deal with problems? Do you confront them head on or do you let them fester like a gaping wound until you become so sick of the issue you finally explode?

What are your triggers and how do you handle work and relationship issues when serious problems arise?  Are you the type who will passive aggressively find ways to get back at your coworkers, at your partner, family??? Or do you confront said issues head on and deal with them right there and then. The following types may help you identify what category you fall under:

The 5 Types of Problem Solvers

1. The Blinker – This is the person who doesn’t even see that there is a problem, it is like they have horse blinkers on. They are too concerned with their own little world to even notice that there is something wrong.

2. The Avoider – This person actually sees the problem but avoids it. They couldn’t be bothered finding a solution.

3. The Identifier – Identifiers see the problem but instead of finding a solution themselves they find someone else to give the solution. In business, this would be the staff member who constantly goes to the supervisor rather than taking initiative to find the solution themselves.

4. The Changer – These are the problem solvers who identify a problem and implement a solution.

5. The Impacter – These problem solvers are experts at getting others to support their cause, and they excel at finding solutions to social or people problems that involve change. Impacters are great at getting people to “buy in”. The are great thinkers and innovative solutions finders but the key is that they involve others in the problem solving process. IMPACTERS CHANGE THE WORLD!!


In the end, irregardless of the what kind of problem solver you are, it’s never healthy to let any issues linger because they either become bigger problems or can detrimentally affect your emotional and physical well-being creating a domino effect in other areas of your life.

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