It’s another day at Wild Kingdom

Being a pet owner proves to be a challenge some days.


Case in point–my Cairn Terrier who is still “puppyish” has quite the energy, especially chasing my cats (poor babies).  She is forever after them. I swear I can see a glimpse of a mischievous smile while Simba (with a scowl) gives chase in order to get within reach for a good swipe with the claws.

(And I have to step in).

Right now all pets are behaving (including mom’s Scottish Terrier Lexy) while here on a visit.

There are days when I feel like WHY did I get these animals then I remember how much each one gives back to myself and my daughter in their unique way.

However….there are days I come home from work stressed or fatigued and my pets remind me of all that is innocent and good…yes they are a huge responsibility—-when you take on a pet you are responsible for their health and overall well-being.

When a person decides to bring an animal into their home they need to understand what is involved in keeping a pet. Sadly we all know there are people who mistreat animals in the most inhumane way. It appalls me to no end seeing animals abused in such heinous ways.


It’s perplexing, at least to me, seeing a dog, cat, or other type of pet either starved to death, beaten, or tortured….I stopped watching certain shows on Animal Planet because of the anger and sadness I felt regarding the stories behind the abuse. Though I do know these stories are desperately in need of being told.

If you feel that you cannot give 100% to your pet, that their antics are more troublesome to deal with than to try to teach discipline; then at the very least give it to a no-kill shelter or try to find a good home for them. They didn’t ask to be brought into your home. YOU are the responsible party.

When I brought Wendy home from the shelter I knew what I was getting into.  Dogs are vastly different than caring for cats. Cats pretty much for the most part are quite self-sufficient as long as you provide adequate food and water along with a clean litterbox.  Dogs…well, they are completely dependent on you (especially indoor ones) for their care.  I have seen families who tie up their dogs outside (where the animal primarily lives) and wonder about the quality of life.  Are these pets receiving adequate attention or are they, as I have also seen, mostly left to their own devices with no external stimulation?

All I can say for myself is that I try to be the best “mom” for my pets and give them a good life.


Being a responsible pet owner

I am an animal lover. Grew up with all sorts as a kid. We had ducks, various dog breeds, then there was my American grandfather’s farm. I knew I would eventually become a pet owner myself and as I sit her my Cairn Terrier, Wendy is draped over my right arm gazing at me with worshiping eyes.

Of course this is after she tore threw a plastic eyeglass case she found…..and predictably I was angry but it’s also a sign she’s in need of a walk, (which she will get) some kind of distraction because she is a working dog. Carin Terriers were used in Scotland hundreds of years ago to chase vermin on farms.

A responsible pet owner will make the time and effort to entertain their pets, take care of them, love them and give a good quality of life. A few years ago I visited a humane society shelter (also a kill-shelter) and knew that some of those former pets, strays would eventually be euthanize and had to leave.

The Cairn Terrier


Do you research before investing in a pet. Don’t buy a rambunctious work animal such as a Border Collie or Siberian Huskies unless you are able to keep it busy because these are highly intelligent animals…you will have your work cut out for you.                                                                     KNOW YOUR BREED!

What kind of a dog life is it when your pet is constantly on a leash?  I have gone walking with my dog and day and day out see forlorn dogs chained up in the back yard and know of owners who rarely spent any time with their pet….my question is…then why have it? Dogs are social creatures, just like us and don’t deserve that kind of treatment.

I stopped watching the variety of Animal Planet’s rescue shows because it was far too upsetting.  Seeing abused animals, starving, full of infestation, neglected in all mannerisms.  Just atrocious.

So, think twice before investing money or a part of your life into an animal unless you are willing to give time and a part of your heart to this potential companion.

The blessings of your pets

One of the hardest things I have had to experience the past month is the passing of my dad.  He is the first person I was close to to pass away.  My paternal grandparents passed some time ago but dad was the 1st person who I had that emotional connection on varying levels.

Animals feed off of your energy whether it’s happy or sad, depressed or anxious.  They sense these emotions and will act accordingly.

Each of my pets have their own unique personality. Luna (really my daughter’s) is a cranky little old lady at 8 years and Simba who is going to be six is my little diva, and Wendy the rambunctious clown.

Pet ownership can reduce stress because they tend to bring out a maternal instinct out of us. I see petting as touch therapy it’s good for you and for your animal.  My job can be quite stressful and keeps me busy.  Coming home to the unconditional love of my pets gives me peace.

Wendy gives me that unconditional love which compels me to think outside of my own concerns.

There’s a good reason why animals, especially dogs, are used as therapy animals in hospitals and nursing homes. I remember with my own father how his dogs added so much quality to his life. Dad had his fourth heart attack in 2005 and his health began to decline then.  But with Lexy, his Scottish Terrier, she gave dad the love and attention I know he needed and taking care of her distracted him from his own problems.  When he was in hospice he asked for his dog many times and my brother in law (God bless him) brought her…though he asked permission first the nurses simply said they would look the other way and am forever grateful to my brother in law for giving dad those last moments with his dog.

Pets and their calming presence

It is interesting to note (at least with this blogger) how animals can help soothe the soul.  It’s been a trying last few days and tomorrow back to work after battling the flu and sinusitis.  Yeah, I really felt like crap…my Cairn Terrier, Wendy has been my faithful companion all day today…none of the usual hyperactivity as usual (i.e chasing the cats, chewing on paper…lost my birth certificate that way…remember Marlie?) Wendy is a down-sized puppy version but am confident it’s a stage she is going through after all she’s only 10 months.

life is good!

Currently Marlie Jr. is passed out next to me in all her puppy glory.  Her calming presence has really soothed these frazzled nerves.  Though some people discount the work of therapy dogs or even having a pet…this pet owner of 3 (two cats which are also discussed in this blog)…has seen and felt first hand the miracle of this little puppy.

Pets for Vets

I came across this article on CNN regarding war veterans who suffer from PTSD and war injuries.  A Non profit organization, Pets for Vets, places homeless animals with veterans who are in need of extra love and attention.

Like the article states, dogs have had a relationship with people for over 10,000 years.  And studies show having a companion animal like a dog has many residual health benefits for people who suffer from depression, a mental illness and with the elderly.

I know for myself, when I come home it’s nice to receive a greeting from my four legged friends, that the house doesn’t seem so empty, and pets give you an unconditional love that one simply cannot measure.

Moving, the cat and other rants

I am grateful for the opportunity to own my first home.  The moving bit…well, it can be a little overwhelming.  Today my daughter and I packed ten medium sized boxes bought at Public Storage (I didn’t feel like going from store to store to look for boxes that may or may not fit my needs).  Anyway, I can save those for my parents who are to move either near my sister or brother in the near future.

More stuff is headed off to the good will and some more items to storage.  I never realized I accumulated so much stuff and makes me want to simplify my life.

Simba was taken today for his rabies and feline distemper shots.  I think it hurt me more than it did him he took it like a man.  I couldn’t even look. Of course the little guy was howling in his pet carrier all the way to the Humane Society of Saint Louis. You would be shocked at the drastic difference in pricing when it comes to going to a regular vet as compared to visiting your local humane society and getting your pet’s medical check up there.  I told myself I wasn’t going to visit the animals at the facility since I don’t believe in putting them down unless they are very ill or old and cannot care for themselves. But I did and saw quite a few puppies.  I almost started crying because I felt so bad for them being in cages.  But I have to say the center is very well-kept and clean.  Reminds me of a regular hospital but this one is for animals. Saw all types of dogs, cats (there is a resident cat there who lost one eye) and she came under to sit under my sundress. I guess she thought it was some kind of safe-haven). 🙂

I always held a soft spot for animals and am a strong advocate for spaying and/or neutering your pets so unwanted offspring are not created and thus suffer from the mistakes made by selfish owners. 

When you own an animal it is your responsibility to keep it healthy and if you are not professionally breeding it then there is no need for him or her to continue having their sexual organs. Ok, off my soapbox.  But another side benefit of spayed or neutering is less stress on the pet because they run their cycles for wanting to “make out” with another of their species.

My daughter and I were suppose to attend the annual Japanese Festival however the weather proved quite unforgiving so we opted out to packing instead and still made use of our day.  Tomorrow calls for more scattered thunderstorms through Tuesday so don’t know if I will get that chance.  I feel for anyone who planned a Labor Day weekend bbq and got rained out.

Time to chill out and figure out what else I want to get rid of for the “big move.”