Firing ranges

One of the best things I loved about the military was visiting the firing range, which was an all day affair.



I loved it and also night firing when we used tracer rounds (reminded me of Star Wars).  I enjoyed testing my skills.  The highest award I received was Sharpshooter. The categories include Marksman (which is the lowest level) Sharpsthooer, then Expert. Sadly I never received Expert.  I remember how my Drill Sergeant in basic used to chastised me for going through so quickly.  I was just pumped up.  He told me I had the skills however (as I am prone to do) I rushed through things from sheer excitement.

I would love to visit a firing range and would love to find out what clubs are in Missouri. Might just do it:

The Top Gun Shooting Sports Range is one of the few state-of-the-art shooting ranges in the St. Louis/Jefferson County area. They welcome families and new shooters as well as the more experienced ones. They have a good focus on safety with a powerful ventilation system to remove smoke and odor and ensure a clean and healthyenvironment. Non-shooters can watch what’s going on from behind bullet-proof glass. The range offers modern shooting equipment, which is maintained on a daily basis by an experienced staff. The rates run about $15 an hour. You can get more information by visiting their website:

For myself, I don’t like to hunt but to hone in on my innate skills as a marksman, challenging myself seeing how far I can go.  I love the discipline and excitement of being on a range.

Now, if I can just find someone to go along with me.  ;^)