Unconditional Love

Simba has been by my side the entire day, now curled up next to me on the couch.  Very sweet and loving cat.  Himmies need that extra love and attention for some reason.  They are “needy” and I don’t mind that most times.  At night though he can be a bother since he is quite an indecisive cat at times…wanting to be with his mommy and other times strives to be independent but for right now he is content being near me and keeping me warm.  🙂

Home for a second day & some ramblings…

Seems like I had a systemic reaction to the flu shot.  Now am relaxing and letting the meds do their work and will make dinner in a bit.

Nice to relax in my new home and actually appreciate it. Watching AI…interesting movie. Parts of it remind me of Blade Runner.

Simba is curled up on the couch by my feet. He still doesn’t care too much for the porcelain tile….I will probably buy a nice area rug, especially with winter approaching.

Poor Simba

He has ventured out maybe twice now since we came home today.  He is still under the couch…been like that for the past five hours or so.  (Give or take)……am sure the poor thing feels miserable wondering what I did to his little cat universe.

I feel bad for the little guy because he is usually very affectionate and curious.  Ah well, a few days of being in here he will warm up to the place. Luna already has.  I even bought for them a new cat condo and litterbox with a flappy door thingie (yes I said that)……

I guess he feels the same way I do, disoriented.

And with me gone to work tomorrow I wonder how much howling he will be doing…figuring his mommy left him for good.

I know how you feel Simba…I feel a little out of place also……….

But it’s all good.  🙂


That is how I feel when I watch the History Channel…currently another topic on King Tut.

At least it’s not another Hitler topic. Too macabre for me.

Thinking about a nice cup of hot chocolate and figuring out what to pack tomorrow.  Pretty much everything is done and when my sister and brother-in-law come down I want to already have the moving truck packed with most of the boxes.  I want this to be a FAST move.  Then next week finish up here with getting everything in order.

I am going to die to see the reactions of the cats when they move to the new place.  Simba pretty much only knows this apartment…his universe. This move will be Luna’s fourth.  Frankly am tired of moving and each time I do move I tend to slough off more worldly goods.

It’s also nice I don’t have to pay on my first mortgage until November 1st which means I can declaw my cats (something I dread doing but the carpets at the apartment took a beating) and the carpets at the townhome are brand new.

Watching commercial for MasterCard. they need to have one about a first time buyer getting things on their MasterCard and the final entry:

“Walking into their own home for the first time……….pricelesssssssssssssssssss…………………..

Mornings and a coffee drinkin’ cat

Simba is drinking my coffee, well actually lapping at it. Caught him doing this a few weeks back. I didn’t know Himmies love the stuff.  He doesn’t actually guzzle it down just laps it up and he doesn’t get all hyped now on it. (He is lying on his back with a content smile on his face).

That’s my boy.

I don’t like mornings. Never have.  I am more of an afternoon person yet my body wakes me up always prior to the alarm going off and I get up (what else to do I don’t care to lie in bed during the work week) and get up gets ready and gets gone (ok not grammatically correct but you “get it”)  🙂

Am hopin’ today isn’t a washout like yesterday for the festival. What with all these scattered thunderstorms through Tuesday.  I really want to check out the festival this year and if it’s not in the cards, well will buy more boxes to pack. I want though some leisure time this weekend since I leave for Jeff City for drill again.  Then two weeks later go right back since drill is late this month due to Labor Day weekend and we never drill during a holiday weekend.


And Simba is still lying there on his furry back with a content smile on his adorable sweet face.  The rewards a pet gives back to you are unmeasurable.  The unconditional love, their hilarious antics, companionship. Some people wonder why Americans spend billion$ of dollars each year on animals. Well, if we can afford it we do this.  I can and I enjoy having my pets around me.  After a stressful day at work I come home and my two cats greet me like clockwork.  I never thought I would be a cat lover but honestly I enjoy them.  They do have personalities albeit I favor Simba because he tends to be more demonstrative with me, he is vocal and lets me know his displeasure or when he is content.  And Simba is such a clown.  I don’t like the constant shedding but I put up with it.  I know some pet owners give away their Himmies because of this (some who just abandon them outside and Himmies are NOToutdoor cats—that makes me seethe).

Anyway, I plan on buying a pet friendly vacuum cleaner once I move to my townhome and a swifter for the downstairs which is porcelain tile.  I know Simba and Luna will thoroughly enjoy the townhome as much as I will. More room for them, stairs to explore and with my fenced in patio I can take them out once in a while (leashed of course) to enjoy the sunshine.  It’ll be a good life for them and for me.  😀

Moving, the cat and other rants

I am grateful for the opportunity to own my first home.  The moving bit…well, it can be a little overwhelming.  Today my daughter and I packed ten medium sized boxes bought at Public Storage (I didn’t feel like going from store to store to look for boxes that may or may not fit my needs).  Anyway, I can save those for my parents who are to move either near my sister or brother in the near future.

More stuff is headed off to the good will and some more items to storage.  I never realized I accumulated so much stuff and makes me want to simplify my life.

Simba was taken today for his rabies and feline distemper shots.  I think it hurt me more than it did him he took it like a man.  I couldn’t even look. Of course the little guy was howling in his pet carrier all the way to the Humane Society of Saint Louis. You would be shocked at the drastic difference in pricing when it comes to going to a regular vet as compared to visiting your local humane society and getting your pet’s medical check up there.  I told myself I wasn’t going to visit the animals at the facility since I don’t believe in putting them down unless they are very ill or old and cannot care for themselves. But I did and saw quite a few puppies.  I almost started crying because I felt so bad for them being in cages.  But I have to say the center is very well-kept and clean.  Reminds me of a regular hospital but this one is for animals. Saw all types of dogs, cats (there is a resident cat there who lost one eye) and she came under to sit under my sundress. I guess she thought it was some kind of safe-haven). 🙂

I always held a soft spot for animals and am a strong advocate for spaying and/or neutering your pets so unwanted offspring are not created and thus suffer from the mistakes made by selfish owners. 

When you own an animal it is your responsibility to keep it healthy and if you are not professionally breeding it then there is no need for him or her to continue having their sexual organs. Ok, off my soapbox.  But another side benefit of spayed or neutering is less stress on the pet because they run their cycles for wanting to “make out” with another of their species.

My daughter and I were suppose to attend the annual Japanese Festival however the weather proved quite unforgiving so we opted out to packing instead and still made use of our day.  Tomorrow calls for more scattered thunderstorms through Tuesday so don’t know if I will get that chance.  I feel for anyone who planned a Labor Day weekend bbq and got rained out.

Time to chill out and figure out what else I want to get rid of for the “big move.”