New opportunities for the new year


I have been offered a promotion at my current Army Reserve unit. I simply need to lose the weight, (not much maybe 3 pounds but my goal is still 30), take the self-development courses for advanced leadership then I’ll be able to rock that extra stripe then it’s off to Advance Leadership School (HOPEFULLY I can pick a base besides Camp Ashland, Nebraska) and make my way to Sergeant First Class which is simply sitting and waiting for me.

Everyone is always so bright-eyed and bush-tailed when it comes to the new year….new resolutions, new attitude, new outlook….the key is not to make false promises to yourself our your loved ones.  Follow through with your goals (trust me…you’ll feel a LOT better):

According to Parade Magazine these are American’s top 10 New Year Resolutions:

1. Lose weight
Nutrino: Enter your current and target weights and food preferences and this app builds a personalized menu to bring you closer to your goal. (Free; iOS; Android coming soon)

2. Improve your finances
Budget Boss: Create a budget quickly and effortlessly—then watch your predicted savings grow with easy-to-read graphs. ($0.99; iOS)

3. Exercise
Human: Commit to moving at least 30 minutes every day with this simple app, which uses location tracking to measure your activity and notifies you when you’re done. (Free; iOS)

4. Get a new job
Job Search: Find open positions near you and submit applications from your phone. (Free; iOS, Android)

5. Eat healthier
Fooducate: Scan grocery barcodes and get a nutrition grade from A to D with this award-winning app. (Free; iOS, Android).

6. Manage stress better
Take a Break!: Relax with 7- or 13-minute guided meditation audio tracks that let you choose between a voice, music, and nature sounds. (Free; iOS, Android)

7. Stop smoking
Quit Smoking: Enter your current smoking habits and this app will design a unique, gradual schedule to wean you off cigarettes. (Free; Android)

8. Improve a relationship
Back in Touch: Import your phone contacts and create settings on how frequently (montly, weekly, etc.) you’d like to touch base with each of them. Then, the app reminds you to give ‘em a call at the interval you chose. ($1.99; iOS)

9. Stop procrastinating
Finish: Get stuff done with this app that lets you enter tasks and due dates (with flexible short term, mid term, and long term timelines), then reminds you until the job is done. ($0.99; iOS)

10. Set aside time for yourself
BRB: Need to unplug? Download this app that lets you craft a message that notifies your contacts you’re taking a break from your phone, which is shareable via Facebook, Twitter, or text.


What makes this work is being able to take small steps because looking at your goal in its entirety can be quite intimidating.  Break it down into manageable bites…trust me….you’ll be much happier, and healthier if you do.

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