What is love?

diamonds_angel_hearts_263075_l.jpegI had a discussion with someone regarding relationships and this was my response:

 I think when you find the right person you can find all three:  joy passion and friendship and if you look at how life should be led the same three…live it with joy have passion in something you love and find friendships wherever you go.

Love is very convoluted…not easy I think and people say that love should be unconditional but I don’t think it is…people still place conditions on it…even with children I see parents placing conditions on their kids and vice versa.  If not there would never be any arguments right?
Being in love I feel is when those endorphins are released, you feel good inside and want to conquer the world…even colors look brighter and you feel on top of the world….now take that feeling and see if it can be stretched out for years and years…can it be done or only a few privileged people are able to experience it?  I say this because I always wonder about the high divorce rate here…again due to people placing all sorts of conditions on love.  But if you can meet someone who is also your best friend…I think those relationships can last a lifetime.
I think most people would like to think love is unconditional however I do not see it as being that way….impractical.  But when you work together as a unit and take into account a person’s strengths and weaknesses then you can have a lasting relationship but don’t fool yourself into thinking love (whether romantic or not)….is unconditional because as human beings, even unintentional…we do place conditions on our significant counterparts…..

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