There is an inherent peaceful feeling when I rummage through old things or clean.  I finally got to use the Swiffer Mop I bought for the ceramic tile and it did a wonderful job getting rid of the scrape marks from moving in and the previous owner moving out.

The townhome is now looking like a real home and not just a bunch of boxes taking up valuable space.  However, the master bedroom still needs work and the spare bedroom no longer has my bed.  LONG story on that one.  The roof leaked and subsequently the drywall on the ceiling was affected. However am lucky that because it IS the roof the condo association has to fix the leak and my ceiling.  The previous owner used this latex paint whereupon when the link was going on this huge tit like bubble (that’s what it looked like) descended and had to use a trash can to catch the dirty brown water.  Maintenance used a wet patch to temporarily seal the leak and now just have to wait for a DRY day.  Once the roof is repaired the drywall will be replaced.

Hopefully it will be SOON!


2 thoughts on “CLEANING..

  1. Too bad I am not close. I fix anything and everything. In fact I make a pretty good living at it…;).

    I have missed you my friend. Hope all is wonderful.

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