Tax rebate

Because I am a first time home buyer I will be getting the tax rebate and one of my first expenses will be buying a washer and dryer.

And I am ecstatic over this impending “gift.”

And why is that pray tell?

Because I hate laundry mats…I don’t like mixing my clothes with stranger’s delicate items (shivers).

I prefer my own washer, my own dryer, washing on my own time, leisurely as I please….in my own home, rain or shine or snow. ACK…..the elements seem worse if it isn’t sunny and you gotta get the laundry done.


I hate doing laundry as is but especially so in a dirty laundry mat and to me all of them appear the same…same smell, same dirt.

Ahhh..feels good to rant.. Yes sir.

And my first sleigh bed…dark wood, cherry preferred and matching dresser.


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