The Guayabera Shirt (gwai-a-Ber-a)

I grew up around these gorgeous shirts.  Now they have them for women (shock shock…dresses) and for teeny tiny tots…cannot WAIT to see what my nephew looks like in his!

Cuban clothes are very unique and fashionable.  The Guayabera Shirt (gwai-a-Ber-a) is one of the most authentic symbols of Latin Culture. They are made of light fabrics to weather tropical heat. Distinctive for its two vertical pleats, four spacious pockets and embroidery detail in a variety of fashion colors, the guayabera shirt is a cultural icon of masculine elegance, the all-purpose shirt to menswear. 


I could die over this dress!


The self propelled treadmill

Debating whether or not to buy this since I won’t be on the track every day to keep in shape:


"work it baby!"

I need something however to exercise with and some of the treadmills I have seen are priced at almost what a used car would cost.

I want to be practical but save money at the same time:

Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill 

Quiet, self-powered treadmill that lets you set your own workout pace

  • 42-inch-long walking/running deck accommodates long and short strides
  • Multi-function, battery-operated monitor tracks distance, time, speed, and calories
  • Heavy-duty steel frame; 2 incline positions (8 and 10 degrees); folds for storage
  • Measures 46.5 x 43.5 x 26 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty on frame


Walking is one of the best cardiovascular exercises around and is low impact….won’t jar those knees of mine and something I know I can keep up with. Having a treadmill at home makes it more convenient especially if it gets to be too hot outside or inclement weather.



“work it baby!”

The “curse” of the curls

My saving grace

My saving grace

I don’t know why sissy wants me to have ram rod straight hair (though was told I look “fierce”…when I have lucious curls (fluttering eyelashes).

Both of us have long curly/wavy/read pain=in the=asssss hair.


I found something that may just work on me….it works on her’s and am going to try this out:

Curl Defining Formula, Protects Color – eliminates frizz and repels humidity to lock in individual soft, shiny curls.  (Give it to me baby!)

Salon perfected by World Champion Hair Stylist and Professional Hair Expert Marc Anthony with his trademarked Moisture Gloss™ formula.

  • Wraps silk proteins and vitamin E around each curl
  • Delivers heat protection and shine

For curly hair advise, live video demos:

  • Alcohol Free
  • Recyclable (where applicable)
  • No Animal Testing

Thinking about buying this ring

ring014_300pixI never owned an Army ring and well, it’s about darn time.  Probalby will get one of my birthstone (Sapphire) with the Intel logo  :^)

Soldier City has a wealth of goods for sale for all military branches.  Everything from T-shirts, license plate covers, duffle bags, art prints, stickers–you name it!:


SoldierCity is your online Army Navy store, with over 10,000 items for all branches of service: US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, and US Navy. Our selection of military and camouflage clothing, patches, medals and other quality products can’t be beat! Reward yourself or the service of a loved one with something you can treasure for years to come. We’re here to serve you.

Custom Embroidered Military Clothing Military t-shirts, camouflage t shirts, and patriotic t shirts Military Art, Aviation Art, and Patriotic Art

Cat Condos

Time to buy a new cat condo for the kitties.  I spent about $75.00 on my current condo that would have normally gone for more.  I like them because Steps for Pets offer scratching posts for the nails and also entertainment.  (Trust me these pieces of cat furniture DO get their uses).

I believe if you own a pet they need some diversions to keep them happy. Doesn’t have to be expensive-and mine has worked out quite well for their needs.

This gray condo is the one I currently have but they don’t use it too much except to sleep on the very left hand corner (top) usually is Simba’s domain:

Current Cat Condo

Current Cat Condo


What I might buy:

Thinking about...

Thinking about...

Shemagh Scarves

Ayna on English Sabla posted some tantalizing pictures of this new fashion and have fallen in love:

The new garment can add a little bit of “Arabian” flavor to both men and women wearing “Western” clothing.

No where can this accessory be found worn with such elegant style than in John Galliano’s Spring/Summer ’08 collection (Christian Dior), which paid tribute to this ancient head piece. You can easily find them also on such sites as E-Bay or

In this picture I really am drawn to the color and beautiful brooch which this particular lady is wearing…would be flattering to those of us with olive skin tone.

My car

Nothing beats having reliable transportation especially for myself. Bought this car literally after my old Altima died on the dealer’s lot. Indeed, some ways God was shining down on me….I really needed a new set of wheels.