Gateway to financial fitness begins with the first step….

I thoroughly enjoyed my class and the instructor was fabulous…she is teaching us how to be frugal for the financial goals we wish to attain…(i.e. for myself I want a home)….

Because I am a visual and mental (NOT that kind of mental) person….I like a chart to look at when it comes to my monthly expenses….my goals. So next weekend I plan on buying a huge bulletin board so that I can begin charting my expenses….creating a large “house jar” (and yes I will have a nice pretty label on it)….to set aside some extra money and find a fabulous picture of what I consider my dream home to tape on my board.

I want to be constantly reminded WHY I am sacrificing for my American dream…….

According to the instructor she stated if your credit score is NOT at least 750 or higher DON’T BOTHER buying a home until you fix it.


Because these fly by night loan vendors (you know the ones who deal with high risk clientele) are being reigned in a bit due to the horrid housing market (for sellers at least)….are not as rampant as before when dealing out the $$$$$

She relayed a story (which hit home with the class) in that she knew of a lady who received a home loan at a 12% rate…………by the time she pays off this loan her house would have cost her an extra $250.000. I was like………………………


So now I am going to tighten the belt….see where I can save and how and continue going to these classes….