Pitching an idea

My wonderful husband gifted me Microsoft Word for my birthday.  For someone like myself, who usually is quite practical, I plan on using my program to its fullest.  I have a manuscript which I plan on submitting to various publishing houses.

Am PRAYING it catches someone’s eye.  I really don’t want an agent, only because they do receive a part of your earnings. However, as a relatively novice in the literary world I know I may have to seek out their services.

Writing has always been not just a creative outlet but blissful therapy as well.  As a teen I would escape the confines of my surroundings and (at times) volatile environment) by drumming up a whole new world free from the constraints of teen angst or family problems.  Writing saved me.

And I haven’t quite given up on my storyline. I strongly feel (and yes I already know most new writers feel the same) about my manuscript.  Sometimes it’s who you know (like everywhere else) and right timing. Perhaps my story will be picked up and if not I will continue submitting until I find someone who believes in it as much as I do. 🙂


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