All eyes on St. Louis

I come from a cop family. My sweet husband is a retired detective, my paternal grandfather was Chief of Police back in my home state of Indiana and a maternal uncle was Chief of Police in Puerto Rico. Eventually one of his sons became a cop. His other son was shot in the chest and killed in PR years ago by a cop because he was dealing drugs. My cousin was unarmed. He left behind a wife and daughter. He was only in his early 20’s. I thought about becoming a police officer, was even a police officer intern in college but my mom was dead set against the career so I had to switch to something else. Not all cops are bad just like not all Blacks or Hispanics are bad. Unfortunately we are portrayed badly in the media and Hollywood. What needs to happen is that our community leaders need to come together, the law enforcement agencies come together and have a peaceful town hall type of meeting. something to encourage better community relations. I really do feel for the mother of Michael. She even stated she didn’t want any more violence. This violence does nothing but disrespect her son, her grieving process and I as a mother completely understand. The black community and the white community need to come together and resolve these issues. There is so much sadness in the world. Too much in fact. We all need to make this a better place somehow. The whole world knows what’s going on here. We have the mike. Let’s make what we have to say worth saying and yes, find resolutions.

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