Fake on-line persona

I was reading an article regarding a woman’s journey into her ex-boyfriends scandalous cheating ways and how she found out he had a fake Facebook page. You know there’s trouble in paradise when a partner decides to hide something like this from their S.O. (Significant Other).  If said person feels the need to create a fake online persona then there is either something wrong with that person, or with the relationship as a whole.

It irked me to read it. I really should have simply clicked out of there but things like this really stick in my craw.  WHY is it there are individuals out there who slip themselves into someone’s life and ingratiate themselves to said person only to break their hearts later????

WHY do they even get involved?

WHY even fall in love or for that matter “commit.”

If that person is having a difficult time staying true-blue to their partner then:






Why put some innocent through torment because you aren’t able to keep yourself together? And while we’re at it…WHY the self-destructive behavior?

And with the Internet at all of our fingertips it makes it that much easier to stray. Yes, am on my soapbox today. The article really struck a nerve. I honestly don’t get these people who feel they have all the rights in the world to screw around on their partner and think nothing of it. I guess there’s no conscious in there. Jiminy Cricket went on vacation.


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