Who are you?

Have you ever felt like your life has been one huge counterproductive mistake? That the decisions which you thought were the right ones turned out to be completely the opposite?

Why is it our younger selves (who think we’re so invincible) try to tackle head on issues which we know nothing about? Our parents, elders, and “more experienced” individuals tend to evoke a rebellious attitude?
I saw this in myself, and I currently see it in today’s generation.
Doesn’t matter if it’s your son or daughter straining against your loving parental advice or the kid next door rolling their eyes at your well meaning good intentions.  Today’s youth (no matter the generation) seems to always be in the wrong. 

Could it be as parents we coddled our children far longer than what’s deemed socially acceptable? Has the technological boom generated an entire generation of socially awkward and selfish little bastards? Could it be the growing number of single-parent households (either due to divorce or out of wedlock marriages?
I am considered part of Generation X and even during the tender years of my youth I was lucky enough to experience life as it’s meant to be instead of it all being crammed into social media or gaming.
I think spending too much time behind the computer screen and create socially stunted adults.  Kids become lazy or complacent in their anonymity and choose the “easier way out.”
Far more American children are becoming obese.  According to the website Teenhelp, over 12% of our children are overweight.
As parents it is our responsibility to encourage our children to delve out of their comfortable couch comfort zone and mingle with the “real” world.  I think we parents too become lazy ourselves, caught up in our own adult problems, leaving our kids behind to fend for themselves.  My generation was that of the latch key kid. I was lucky in that I had my mom to come home to every day while dad worked. Not all kids are so fortunate.
Just remember, these kids of today will be the ones changing our socioeconomic world….and that in and of itself should be food for thought.

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