Where do I go from here?

A lot of us “middle-aged” folks come to this precipice wondering if we have reached the pinnacle of our existence.  Is this all there is to life?  To me??

Why do we think this way? I’ve come to the morbid conclusion it’s because we realize our time now has an expiration date. My main concern is being able to retire comfortable within the next 13 years.

There are coworkers who are still working at my agency in their 70’s.  Their 70’s!!!

It’s a damn shame these people continue clocking in when they should be enjoying their Golden Years.  And not just only that….but when they retire, the vacancy opens up opportunities for the younger generation.

But, to retire on a fixed income is downright scary. I think this fact among health issues, keeps us up late at night.

With the current state of our union, this economic disarray really is forcing people to rethink their financial future. However, with that being said….being cognizant of your future earnings should be as important and part of your life goals as anything else you deem important.


The bottom line is….Don’t leave things for the last minute.




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