New wardrobe=new outlook

92106_SueAndKris_HP_2014_0701_LF4_1403901736As simple as this sounds, buying a whole new wardrobe does lay a “sparkle” on things.  Getting up every morning to go to work sometimes can be quite “routinish” boring. That’s where online shopping steps in.  😉 I have noticed a wonderful pick-me-up within myself and continuous compliments from the ladies here at work.

Zulily offers a plethora of items from clothing to household goods.  Perusing through their many colorful selections, you can easily become addicted to it.  (Just don’t tell my husband). :p

In all seriousness though, when you feel that you need a little extra boost to your work routine, don’t pull your hair out. Figure out what you are able to change and if it’s bringing in a brand new wardrobe so be it. Splurge a little. But of course in a responsible way (i.e. don’t let your mortgage fall behind).  89321_fig_HP_2014_0701_AMS1_1403721941🙂



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