WHY are Monday’s so damn difficult?

I say this tongue-in-cheek however every Monday seems like a weekend hangover.  I don’t “party” I just relax.  Went to the country again this weekend and oh boy was it nice not to have any demands made of me.  I could simply forget about the rest of the world and focus on me.

According to Jaquelin Smith in her Forbes article:  11 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues:

The ‘Monday Blues’ describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek if they’re not happy at work,” says Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker on happiness at work. “It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.”

The Monday Blues are so prevalent that they have become a cultural phenomenon, “and this makes it easy to laugh them off as ‘just the way things are,’” he says. “But they can be much more than just a passing tiredness; they are often a serious warning sign that something is not right at work. If you were happy, you’d be excited and energized on Mondays, not tired and depressed.”

As it turns out, your case of the Mondays can have a negative impact on your performance and productivity—as well as the people around you.

“We know from countless studies in psychology and neurology that your current emotional state has a huge effect on the quality of your work and when you’re feeling blue you are less productive, less motivated, more pessimistic, less creative, less engaged and learn more slowly–just to mention a few effects,” Kjerulf says.

I was beginning to feel it was just me but seems this is a common “phenomenon” prevalent with most 9-5’ers.

The article delves into 11 keypoints you can use to help you get over that initial lag. Having a positive attitude resonates throughout the article.  Makes sense, and it’s free.  Another plus.  But boy would I love to simply be kicked back at home right now.  😉


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