Welfare verses the General Public

I happened on the Hair Braiders suing Missouri regulators article on the St. Louis Post Dispatch early this morning.  A couple of commentators where appalled that there are welfare recipients who will prim and “look good” on the American tax payer’s dime. It happens.  It happens all the time and yes, it angers this blogger as am sure it does other readers and the American public in general to know that when it comes to spending “our money” priorities are not set straight.

For me it’s not about race, it’s not about a certain class. It’s about a person’s mentality, what they feel are their immediate priorities and of course, on what they feel they are entitled to.

I was on welfare while in college however I worked on campus, was in the Army Reserves (still serving) and had a full load of college courses. Indeed those of us who have used welfare need to set our priorities straight. Now I work for Uncle Sam and continue charging forward as a soldier and am giving back to my country and my community by becoming a productive member of society.

My daughter saw me as an example of what a Hispanic woman could do while raising a child without the father and without child support. You have to grasp life by the horns and take charge. Simple as that. I saw welfare only as a temporary assistance when it was needed and it should only be seen as that unless you are elderly or mentally/physically disabled. Welfare should NOT be seen as a way of life, a get out of jail free card. It’s there for a reason but yes, it does get abused.  Yes, my rant goes off topic on what the article is discussing but am more focused on what the comment section has provided to me, the reader.

I do think Hair Braiders should be licensed. It’s a thriving business here in St. Louis and I do love the look. It is also a very tedious process but once completed creates a well-coiffed appearance.


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