“The hardest thing you need to learn in this world is ‘how to live’, for it is the only thing which is too difficult to be understood.”
Vikrant Parsai

I would say pretty much all of us have complained one way or another about the “hard luck of life.” We may have lost a potential job offer, money, a great love….but in the end, in the end all we have are our memories and why not make them good ones?????

We can blame others for our lack of planning, for our obstinate ways, for our collective lack of self-worth. At the end of the day though, it’s our own choices, our decisions we have to live with.

I don’t think enough people “own up” to their mistakes. I see far too much of the blame game going on. It’s frustrating. And yes, in the end we make that conscientious choice to move forward or take a step back. I would much rather step forward and embrace what comes my way.




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