Adding meaning to my life

As I approach another birthday (46) I wonder what’s in store for me these next 15 years. Hopefully I can retire by 59 and move to the country with my husband. I hope my daughter finds a great job, a wonderful man, and gives me grandchildren.

I hope I made a small difference in this world. I am no politician, actress, or Pulitzer winning novelist.

What I am is someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, and someone’s wife. And out of these 3 things I hope I’ve given my best and with my daughter, leave a legacy of memories she can pass down to the next generation.


“Youth. I don’t seek it through another because I have it within; it’s a state of mind, a spirit that is free, and a mind that is playful. The shell of my being is altered by the effects of time, but nothing will tarnish a soul that will never forget what its like to experience creation with endless wonder and appreciation. Each time I see the first snowfall of the season I feel it’s the first time I’ve seen it at all.”
Donna Lynn Hope



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