Saudi activists ‘hibernate’ after series of arrests

It saddens me to read about these kinds of stories where women are still shackled to misguided men just because they are women. Where does it say in the Koran women cannot drive, that they must veil their heads? Why are they continuously being treated like children? Why are they being held accountable in such horrific ways simply because they ARE a woman?? Do not these men have mothers, sisters, aunts and daughters?? Am glad that in this instance Samar Badawi story has a happier ending. God bless her.

Saudiwoman's Weblog

The first time I came across Waleed Abulkhair’s name was about five years ago, when I was following Samar Badawi’s case. Badawi was being abused by her father, and despite medical and psychological reports from Saudi hospitals and shelters proving this, a court ruled in her father’s favor and sent Badawi to prison on charges of disobeying her father.

For seven months, Waleed Abulkhair desperately tried to get her released, but to no avail. He then proposed that they go public, with an online campaign about Badawi’s situation. She agreed, and the ensuing publicity shamed the courts into releasing her within six days from the start of the campaign, which immediately went viral. Abulkhair proposed marriage to Badawi, and it took six months of court procedures to release her from her father’s guardianship to Abulkhair’s. One of my favorite interviews is a 2011 BBC radio program featuring the couple, during…

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