In the face of change

“The world is a place of constant change. If we are open and ready to consider everything while remaining unbiased, we will be ready to accept these changes and utilize them to improve our lives.”
Daniel Willey


Not too many of us are receptive to change.  (I am the first one to agree.)  😦

We continuously find various ways to circumvent the inevitable.  Yes, quite a few of us are creative in coming up with excuses when it comes to “bettering ourselves” yet we continuously drag our feet while doing so.  It’s like an antithesis of itself.

We know life is full of unexpected surprises. How we deal with them is a testament to our character.  If we lamented about  every single negative thing crossing our paths, we’d never get ahead, instead, we’d remain in the here and now, never propelling forward.  Instead of feeling, getting stuck, use these changes to adapt, to overcome, push forward.

Coping with change, gaining new skills in the face of adversity, means first loving oneself.  Adjust your thinking.  Approach change as a continuous process. It’s cyclical.  So is life.  I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and we write our own destiny. In the end you need to figure out (not anyone else but you) as to what you’re willing to accept, to fight for, and what needs to be let go. And, of course, change can be quite positive.  It gets us out of our usual comfort zone.  It can really be a blessing in disguise.


Remember…”love is the antithesis of selfishness” (taken from the Oxford Dictionary)…we apply this to ourselves and to each other.


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