For the love of a mother

Yesterday I received some disturbing news regarding my mom.  A kidney lesion was found, about an inch long, and her gallbladder findings were suspicious to also suspect cancer. As her eldest child I, of course, was devastated and feel a deep sense of responsibility for her.  I wished she lived closer so I could visit her more often, take care of her as she did me.  However, mom is of the type she does not like to “interfere” with her married children and thus seeks independent living.  With that being said, I seriously doubt after this diagnosis she will be able to do that.

Thankfully, according to my sister, the nephrologist is quite confident he can remove the lesion by taking part of her affected kidney leaving the rest to prevent future renal failure.  She also has the choice to remove this kidney entirely and she is seeking the opinion of her children to make a decision.

My mother has always been the center of my world. Good or bad, meddling, and always loving….she is my mother and I love her dearly.  She is also the very typical Latina mom who dotes on her children, spoiled us when we were young, and loves us like no other.  My mother taught me what unconditionally love is.  No matter how irritated we got with her (because Latina mothers are infamous at striking that last nerve) she kept on loving us, fiercely protective of her young.

In the face of all of this I know I have to be strong for her, for myself.  Since this cancer was caught early she should have a good survival rate.  My prayers are with her and our family during these times.  Am sure God is watching over her and will lead us in the right direction.

Though sometimes our mothers can drive us crazy who knows us better than them? My mother has given us kids and grand kids her sweet unconditional love. Sometimes life can get in the way and force us to take pause. If you ever wronged your mother or felt she was too meddling, remember she did it out of love.




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