Finding strength in every day things


They say we are the masters of our own domain.  When we are, we become not slaves to our desires, but instead we gain a sense of freedom.  Being self-disciplined means not giving in to our weaknesses (or society’s)….we grow from our mistakes.

And yeah, there are times when life’s daily struggles can really do a number.  We fall prey to life’s little nuances…..self-doubt, low self-esteem, we question ourselves into such a frenzy nothing worthwhile is accomplished.

See each obstacle as an opportunity for growth.  Let go of your fears and instead learn from them. We all have our personal demons.  These can be anything from a difficult job situation, relationship issues, financial concerns, and health crisis.

Know that you are not alone.  Your character lies deep within…on how you are able to accept and let go of things.  If you always let emotions take over chances are you’ll think with your heart and (depending on the situation) make a bad decision.  Some, like myself, try to find balance between heart and mind…

Always remember, as cheesy as this may sound, count your blessings. Everyone faces turmoil in their life…have bouts of uncertainty.  Let go of frustrating situations you cannot change. And remember:




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