Trust freely given….

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well


One of the most difficult things we as human beings can do for one another is giving our trust.  We expect the recipient to adhere to the same standards we hold ourselves.

Trust is the bedrock which makes relationships work. If it’s shattered, rebuilding the foundation takes a long time (if at all). Trust can be lost through lies, drug and alcohol abuse, financial setbacks, and sexual infidelity.  Great relationships require a high level of integrity in order to survive.  Being an open book isn’t for everyone (or the faint of heart).

When trust is freely given it becomes that much more difficult to give it out once broken.  I can’t see where anyone would simply go back in blindly in any type of relationship without having misgivings.

In the end, depending on who the relationship is with….you and you alone have to determine whether or not pursuing this avenue is actually worth it.  Many people come into relationships with plenty of baggage. Whether it be from an abusive childhood, to low self-esteem we all have something to carry.

Trust can be reestablish only if both parties are willing to learn from past mistakes and can move forward.  If one party tries to control the other through guilt or anger, they may be met with resistance.  If the guilty party is willing to change, admit fault and move forward with an eye on repairing the broken bond, then and only then can such a relationship survive.




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