The deliciousness of Puerto Rican Coffee

I started drinking coffee at 5 years.  And let me tell you Starbucks has nothing on these coffee beans. The rich aroma, flavor, and of course the exuberant Latin atmosphere makes for a great coffee drinking experience.


Of course at that age my abuela (Spanish for grandmother) would put more milk than coffee in our cups. We’d get a piece of pan con mantequella (bread with butter) fresh from La Panderia (bakery)….it was an out of body experience.  Yesssss………….it was that good!  🙂





Puerto Rican coffee was the favorite drink of choice for the 18th century European courts.  Everything else pales in comparison.  The richness, and as previously stated…the overall sensory experience is bar nunn.

I highly recommend getting yourself a cup, relax…sit back and simply enjoy the exotic flavor. I know I will!



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