Being “in love” with your spouse

2d50731803de302abe5c6a1630d46e6dRemember how you initially felt when dating your spouse? Those tingly butterfly feelings in the pit of your stomach?  Do you still feel the same?

I do.

I’ve been with my husband now almost 3 years, married for 1 and I still feel like a teenager when he walks into the room.  Of course he works out and has those hard-body muscles.  Am a lucky gal.

But of course it’s more than that….much more…he’s kind, considerate, romantic, and I love his dorky sense of humor which matches my own.

Yet, despite these feelings, at times we all can fall into the predictable marital rut.  We continuously find fault with the other….resentment builds up to the point we simply explode.  Everyone is guilty of this.  However, recognizing the signs of stress, resentment, boredom, you name it……is your responsibility as an adult.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”

I think in any relationship we all fail to realize no one is perfect yet we expect our partners to be.

I believe some of the fault likes in both partners.  When dating we always put our best foot forward…but how long can you hold this charade?

The reason most couples get divorced is not because they get bored with each other. It’s because when you’re dating, you pretend to be someone you’re not.

And there’s only so long you can hold that off.

Just be honest with one another….try not to take each other for granted.  Be affectionate and share new experiences together.  And PAY ATTENTION to your spouse!

I think far too many of us DO take our husband/wife for granted. Always thinking no matter how we treat them they’ll always be there for us.

Not true…..

Unless you suffer from chronic low-self esteem, then there will come a breaking point that may end up dissolving the relationship.

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you stop trying to develop your partnership.  A lack of focus on your spouse can ultimately lead to the end of your marriage.  If the two of you don’t set common goals how do you expect the relationship to survive?

Again, marriage takes work…lots of it.  The success all depends on how much you and your partner want it to succeed.

-Sam Keen

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