Things left unsaid

How many of you stew about issues? You sit on them trying to figure out what to do.  You’ve analyzed the problem this way and that until you don’t know what the original problem was.

When it comes to relationships, women tend to be the emotional barometer when things go wrong.  They will try to draw their partner in, intuitively knowing when there’s an emotional rift.

Too many times we point fingers and use an accusatory tone, which of course doesn’t get us anywhere. It’s demeaning to talk down to your spouse, and of course vice-versa.

Why do we get this way? Who knows…could be a bad day at work or some other emotional upheaval.  Or perhaps, just perhaps, there is built up resentment regarding past transgressions and we simply can’t…let…it…go.

Irregardless…whatever problem is needing attention you need to learn how to  express negative feelings constructively.  In doing so it allows the other person to adjust. Leaving things unsaid will only blow up later in some totally unrelated incident.

When you want to express yourself don’t exaggerate or generalize and keep your tone even.  Once you start using accusatory tone, raising your voice, then trust me, a brick wall will spring up.

In the end praise goes a long way and so does working together to sort out your issues.  Holding those negative feelings in, developing grudges and hurt feelings, will not bode well for either one of you.




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