Money for nothing

imagesFood stamp issuance can be a touchy issue and it’s been reported that Ohio has taken this benefit from over 10,000 residents and that number will continue to rise.  One of the new requirements (if you can call it new) is that those receiving assistance need to work at least 20 hours a week, go to school, get job training etc….(source)

I was on them for a few years while in college and I also worked on campus and was in the reserves; but there are those who are on it who take advantage of the system and those individuals need to be held accountable. If you’re mentally and physically able , then go to school, work those allotted hours. I also know of soldiers who are on them and I don’t begrudge the use because they are working.

Say what you will but there are people out there who do abuse the system and that’s what needs to be addressed. I am not talking about the elderly and those who have some kind of mental or physical issue. That’s not what this article addresses when they discuss removing individuals who shouldn’t be on them. And as far as drug testing I believe that is a given. I have to be tested as a soldier and my pay is from the taxpayers. So should anyone else who receives government aid. Period. This country is hurting economically and am exhausted hearing about the unemployment issues, gas prices, jobs going overseas etc…something’s gotta give and give soon.

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