Losing weight is so hard to do….

Some people can easily slough off the pounds (like my husband)…me on the other hand, it takes a lot of will power (which I don’t have) when it comes to food.  Like a lot of Americans, I turn to food for comfort and well, I just love it.

Because I am still in the military I have to watch my weight.  Right now I am a couple of pounds over and have to lose it.  HOW can two pounds be so difficult to remove? Maybe it’s because I’m older? My metabolism has slowed down?  I did some research regarding middle-aged women and found the following information:

According to USA Today’s article, Middle-age dieters hit a brick wall after 10 pounds or so, premenopausal women are having a difficult go at it:

The postmenopausal women in one study burned an average of 100 to 150 fewer calories a day just resting and doing their everyday activities, and they were less physically active for a total drop of about 200 calories a day after menopause, says lead researcher Jennifer Lovejoy, who now works for a health coaching company, Free & Clear in Seattle.

The lower metabolism appears to have to do with changing levels of estrogen and not changes in muscle mass, she says. And there is evidence that a lack of estrogen increases appetite and can cause specific cravings for certain foods, especially carbohydrates and fats. That means women need to be careful about consuming too many cookies, cakes, candy bars and chips, she says.

Lovejoy recommends that women in their early to mid-40s begin gradually increasing their physical activity and watching their dietary habits to help offset metabolic changes that can lead to weight gain with menopause.

I have noticed am craving more carbs and fats.  My total weight gain in the past 3 years has been almost 30 pounds.  Easy to gain, much more difficult to lose.

I do have a gym membership and need to get off my duff and quit complaining about the extra poundage around my middle and hips where I tend to gain.  Though most people don’t think I weigh what I do because I am tall and have a small bone-structure….the scale doesn’t lie.

Motivation and dedication are the key. Breaking up your goal in small manageable bites.  To think about losing 30 pounds is daunting but if I can break that down to 5 pounds a month by May I will have reached my goal.  I simply need to quit reaching for that cookie, extra helpings etc….sigh…a challenging road ahead indeed…………….


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