Federal Employees and Low Morale

Very few of us Federal employees are slackers. Yes, there are some rotten apples in the bunch however the great lot of us work damn hard for our customers, our country.  It galls me to no end when people think we are counterproductive. If they only knew the amount of work we do coupled with low pay they’d rethink their negativity.

According to Federal News Radio, we civil servants continue to receive bad press from not just the government but with the American public as well:

…the majority of the 2,880 who responded to the survey said their own morale level was low, and they rated the morale level in their offices even lower.

The top three “morale killers,” according to federal employees, were, in order, pay freezes, ineffective leadership and fed bashing from Congress and the public.

“I like my job but hate the anti-gov worker attitude,” one federal employee wrote. “We work hard. Very few slackers here.”

Another employee agreed. “The public does not perceive my job or my contributions as valuable. Congress views us as expendable.”


We received  less than a 2% raise since 2010. Inflation is a constant at approximately 3% a year.  No wonder we are so frustrated and morale is in the toliet.  You have fast food employees demanding $15 an hour for an unskilled job and those of us who should be paid more are barely able to keep up.

Ok….off my soapbox….for now.

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