From boots to heels

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis understands my backwoods passion.   I grew up in the good ol’ Midwest.  I had a Southern twang due to my proximity to Kentucky.  Everyone I knew had it. However, I felt a little quirky and got rid of it. Now and again when I am around my “homies” I regress back to that southern comfort style.



I was always more comfortable around guys.  The military pretty much cinched it.  All the hard core training, getting dirty, weapons qual…none of that really fazed me.  I rather enjoyed it.  I have to say am far more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than wearing a DKNY dress with two inch stiletto heels. Why…I don’t know. I’ve always been that way.  Never quite had the same comfort my beautiful model sister had for fashion though I do enjoy dreaming about it.


I confess….I’m a country gal at heart.  Always have been. Don’t get me wrong I  the big city but my heart belongs among the gentle rustling of the trees, getting lost on a backwoods country road….taking deep breaths of freshly cut hay…..forgetting about the troubles of my yes…rather hectic life.


I’ll never apologize for how or who I am.  I just know that when it comes to comfort…give me a good man and a nice broken in pair of jeans any day.


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