A feel good moment

We all have them. Someone compliments us on our work, maybe the way we look….whatever “it” is, these moments are something which can really lift up our spirits.

What I love about my job (though at times it can be stressful however, what job isn’t?) are those feel good moments when coworkers “have my back” and being placed on a pedestal making me feel like I’ve given them invaluable services rendered.

Same goes for those special moments with your partner.  Think about the times they made you smile, reflect….giving you a better appreciation for what you have.  Not everyone falls in love, and I mean really fall in love.  Sure, there’s always those initial blossoming puppy love moments when we’re kids (including those awkward teenage years)….but when we “grow up” it’s simply different.

Then we have to deal with yes, work stress, family strife, financial crisis..you name it, trust me the world’s got it.

So steal those feel good moments…don’t read into them too much.  We all deserve to be embraced in the positive.


Remember…in the end we are responsible for our own happiness…..make it worthwhile

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson



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